The Camp

The Solid Adventures Camp is located at the best possible location, at the outlet of the river that is by far the best fishing section of Jurassic Lake. This means that you can slip into your waders at any given time and don’t have more than a minute’s walk to some serious hot spots! The actual camp was upgraded for the 2011-2012 season and is now offering a brand new kitchen and dining room as well as a super comfy after fish lounge with a heating stove in the middle to add to the atmosphere. The lodge that consists of two separate wood buildings is designed as to have one house with kitchen and lounge, and one with 4 bedrooms where every room accommodates 3 people. Every room has its own heater and the camp now also has a water toilet and warm water shower. For those of you that may think that the lodge is getting a bit on the fancy side we still offer the lake as an alternative to the shower.