The Lake

Arriving at Jurassic Lake most people are struck by how remote this location really is and the shear vastness of this secluded country that is almost beyond belief.  The large lake is roughly 20 km by 15 km, situated approximately 1000 meters over sea level, and looks more like a saltwater body of water with its crystal clear blue water and channels, corals and shelves.


Our first exploratory trip had us casting into this huge body of water with little to no expectations. However, after several hook ups with just as many broken leaders we quickly realized there was something strange going on here.  These huge fish are much, much more then just abnormally large rainbow trout, as they are pound for pound one of the strongest fish we have ever battled.  The blood curdling runs are only interrupted by jumps that often involve leaps well above head height. If you want hear your reel scream or give its break a reel test this is the place to visit.