Greenland has the world’s lowest population density. In addition to that, countless Fjords with rivers full of fish which makes Greenland a true silver-mine. Anadromous as well as resident char inhabit the freshwaters along the coastline. Not all waters along the coastline hold either migratory or resident char or even both. As beautiful as some of the rivers might seem, their relatively young glacial origin has not yet morphed into a nurture ground for char. Some other rivers do have resident char, but they never turned into supercharged searun strains for various reasons.


Searun Arctic Char

The Kangia Fjord and its rivers plus creeks are an exception for the region. Not only do the char run up in mind dazzling numbers, they also pack some weight with an average of well above 2 kg. Fish in the size of 3-4 kg are common and fish up to 7 kg have been hooked and landed on fly gear in the beautiful pools of this wildly meandering river. Bare in mind this is a very sparsely fished river and even bigger fish have been hooked and lost.

Arctic Char are not to be judged by their size though – they will put on a show that will leave seasoned Salmon, Seatrout or Steelhead anglers baffled.

Early in the season (July), bigger Steelhead intruders and streamers presented on a light skagit or sinktip-line outfit are perfect to search for big chrome fish in higher water conditions. Whether on a switch rod or a single hander is personal preference really. Every single pool is comfortably fishable with a single hand rod under all conditions.

Obviously streamers and classic salmon flies work most of the time but nymphing, hitching and dry fly fishing for these explosive chromers is a different game itself that one should really enjoy while there. Swinging a skater across the surface followed by a bunch of bow-waving big fish is as exhilarating as it gets.


Seawater – Cod & Halibut

The seawater fishing is just as amazing as the freshwater game. What the landscape lacks in lush flora and fauna, it makes up for under water where rich seaweed and kelp jungles grow all the way up to the surface for a bit of sunlight. Cod and Halibut amongst other fish thrive under these conditions and grow up to true giants. Fly anglers literally just scratch the surface since most of this fishing is deep-sea fishing, but the results might surprise you. Fly anglers do extremely well especially when the tides funnel through structures. These currents can be fished with a heavy jig fly and a sink line that is swung across the tidal current. Big Cod and even Halibut are thankful takers… and they make a wonderful meal too.