Tackle and Technique


Arctic Char

Rods: 5 – 7 weight single hand rods between 8,6 – 9,6ft in length rigged with floating lines and additional sink tip lines in suitable size will cover about every single imaginable occasion and technique on all sections of the Kangia river. If you prefer swinging flies over working them and you really want to treat yourself, bring an additional light switch rod (6 – 7) or “baby” spey rod with short skagit heads and various tips between Floating, T7 and T11 as well as some mini intruder flies – thank us later, you will have a ton of fun! Fast and shallow runs full of fish and the perfect swing-speed really ask for it.

Lines: Most pools can be fished with a floating line. Floating lines also benefit you when nymphing, hitching or skating dry flies. Even swung flies will work perfectly on most pools. However, short sink tip lines are deadly effective, especially when deeper & slower pools with big fish ask for streamers and deep intruders. A short sink tip line is recommended. Kangia river is not about distance really; shorter tapers with a little more weight to them are beneficial when casting a longer leader on close quarters. We can highly recommend RIO Single Hand Spey Lines as well as the Outbound Series in different densities.

Tippet/Leader: Tapered 9ft. leaders between 12lb – 20lb are downright perfect. Tippet spools between 12-30lb will complete the assortment. If you are chasing the record size char swimming in this river we recommend nothing thinner than 25 lb tippets. We cannot stress enough how hard these fish fight and they come with rather sharp teeth that will wear your tippet down during the fight.



Chasing Cod and Halibut on the fly is not as daunting as it might sound, certainly not with the amount of fish roaming the fjords and kelp forests along Greenland’s coast. Although Cod and Halibut will frequently take your fly when fishing off the docks and rocks, the prized fish require deep-water tactics. The heaviest of Sinking Line will be perfectly fine to bring your fly right through the school of smaller fish to the deep where the big boys are lurking. A 10 weight saltwater rod is sufficient for Cod. Halibut however grow to enormous sizes and we recommend a 12 weight just in case you hook into a big guy.

Full sinking lines or modified sinking heads on mono running line to sink even faster will complete these rods. As we are fishing from boats right on the hot spots it’s not so much about the casting but rather to get the fly down.



Arctic Char

Arctic char feed on shrimp and various small fish. Fish imitations will work just fine, but they will readily take a nymph or a dry fly as well. Stripping streamers and swing fishing are the most effective ways to catch Char and cover a lot of water. Chartreuse, Pink, Red, White, Orange and a blend of these colors is all one really need to cover all bases.
Here our top 5:
– Green Lantern (Chartreuse)

– Stu’s Intruder (Fuchsia/White)
– Hot Shot Comet (Chartreuse/Pink)
– Brett’s Dry Flies
– Egg Sucking Leech



Baitfish pattern tied on strong hooks and jig hooks will do just fine. If you prefer casting over jigging a fly, 4/0 single hooks with red and white Whistler flies will be all you need. Upsize for Halibut, especially when you are out for the big boys