The Kangia River Lodge, located on a plateau right at the delta of the majestic river, comes with spectacular views overlooking seapool and a sheltered bay where the river meets the Atlantic Ocean. The lodge is equipped with all the conveniences one would expect from a comfortable all-inclusive setup. From 2017 on we operate this fully refurbished lodge where we offer what we believe one of the best fishing experiences in Greenland.


The main lodge can accommodate up to 12 anglers at once. Sleeping quarters are based on bunk bed system with a total of 6 rooms with two people sharing each room. The main lodge has two water toilets, two warm water showers, a fully equipped kitchen, a brand new bar and lounge area as well as a spacious dining area overlooking the river. The Lodge comes with a big veranda where you can catch every minute of sun during the day. The front part of the veranda, overlooking the river mouth and valley below is the perfect place to enjoy an after-fish drink and share some good stories with your friends.


Apart from the main lodge we have a smaller satellite-camp located 2,7 km upriver from the lodge, right on one of the hot spots offering a comfortable resting place along the river. For those wanting to fish the mid and upper sections of the river this is a good starting point. To make the hike up here as easy as possible guests will be able to leave waders and wading shoes at the satellite camp and make the walk forth and back in normal hiking shoes and pants instead of waders and wading shoes. Whether you prefer to stay near the main lodge or venture all the way up to the waterfalls is up to you. The fish are plentiful and you can fish at your own pace all day, every day.