Tackle & Technique


Whatever you hook into, rest assured that it will peel backing/line of both spinning and flyreels in no time. The good old saying “fail to prepare or prepare to fail” has something to it, especially if the quarry consists out of some of the meanest, fastest and most aggressive fish that the inshores have to offer. Good gear is very subjective, so we ask you to bring functional gear that works for you and suits the mission. Throughout the whole Giant Trevally Expedition from Indonesia over New Caledonia and ultimately the Lakshadweep area we have witnessed 1000 dollar reels blowing up, fantastic rods loaded with the wrong line, lines, leaders flies…you name it – disintegrating to their last quarks. Here some general guidelines and recommendations. More importantly – especially for the fly fishing part – give yourself some time prior to the trip to try the gear and get used to it. Guests are responsible for bringing their own equipment or pre-booking their own rentals. We recommend to bring gear that can hold up for GT, Snapper, Tuna, and such bigger fish but also something lighter for Bonitos and more.

Fly Fishing




Main target species are Giant Trevally, Bluefin Trevally, Bonefish and Triggerfish. In addition to that, a colorfull array of fast and furious gamefish are roaming the shallows and the abyss of the Lakshadweep archipelago. If weather permits, fly fishing is predominatly excercised on the flats. Sight casting with a flyrod for either of these species is truely about as good as it gets. Having that said, we do chase reef species on the drop-offs aswell as pelagic species such as Tuna and Sailfish with the fly. The reef fishing can be done wading or from one of the smaller boats. Especially the tidal channels can be immensly rewarding.




  • Fly Rod: Powerfull Saltwater 12weight in 9ft.
  • Reel & Backing: Saltwater reel with a reliable drag and a backing capacity of minimum 300 Meters 80lb plus a floating line.
  • Lines: WF12F Saltwater Line with a stronger core. RIO GT Line is what we prefer. Bring sparelines!
  • Leaders: 80-125lb Seaguar/Ande Mono
  • Flies: NYAP Poppers, Brushflies, Seahabit & Deceivers, Fatboy Flies, Semperfly, EP Baitfish Flies, Cosmo Crab tied on Gamakatsu 4/0 – 8/0 – SL12S



  • Fly Rod: Saltwater 8 weight flyrod in 9ft. If you want to substitue one rod for another spare 12 weight for GT, leave the Bonefish rod at home and use the trigger rod for them.
  • Reel & Backing: High quality saltwater series reel loaded with 300 meters of 30 lbs braid.
  • Fly Lines: WF8F (WF9F) like RIO Bonefish Quickshooter
  • Leaders: Fluorocarbon tapered leaders from 9 to 12 foot and 12-20lb
  • Flies: Gotchas, Squimps, EP Mantis, Christmas Island Special, Spawning Shrimps and Fleeing Crabs.


    • Fly Rod: Saltwater 9weight in 9ft.
    • Reel & Backing: Saltwater flyreel with a good drag that holds at least 300 Meters of 50lb GelSpun.
    • Lines: WF9F – We recommend RIO Permit to turn over these heavy crab flies.
    • Leaders: 16 – 20lb 12ft tapered fluorocarbon leader.
    • Flies: Turneffe Crab, Velcro Crabs, Christmas Island Special, Spawning Shrimps, Fleeing Crabs, Grand Slam Tan and Merkin in natural colors. Small Baitfish Flies for Bluefin and other Trevallies.


  • Fly Rod: Saltwater 12weight 9ft up to 14weight 8,1ft.
  • Reel & Backing: A large high quality Saltwater Flyreel with a capacity of 600Meters 60 lbs braid.
  • Fly Lines: RIO Leviathan, 450 to 600 grains or any sink-tip line
  • Leaders: 100 – 120 lbs Fluorocarbon or Monofilament Shock.
  • Flies: Cam Sigler’s  Tube Flies or tubes tandum rigged hooks or other billfish tandems. White/Pink work everywhere. For Tuna, Sardine and baitfish pattern tied on Strong hooks (Varivas 2600)





Nothing compares to the excitement and adrenaline rush of fishing with poppers and stickbaits! It truely is topwater big game spinning and highly addictive! If the fishing is taking place in a tropical paradise and the strikes are likely to come from super aggressive Giant Trevally, also know as the ”bullies of the flats”, or ”wolfs of the reef” the adrenaline is as close to max as it can get. The Lakshadweep archipelago provide the best possible background for this venture. Virtually untouched from fishing pressure and a mind dazzling amount of reef-line both with access to open water and sheltered inner atolls. Target species are Giant Trevally, Napoleon Wrasse, Dogtooth Tuna, Barracudas, all types of Groupers and Snapper, Tuna, Red Seabass just to name a few. Anything that decides to give these oversized topwater plugs a go is up to no good and will put your gear through its paces!



Jigging can be super exciting and the takes, or rather interceptions are brutal. Jigging for Giant Trevally, Dog tooth Tuna and whatever species we encounter is very different from the jigging normally done in shallow waters for perch, pike or pelagic species like cod. The jigging we do here is very intense and the takes are nothing short of brutal. We basically fish areas between 40 – 150 meters deep where we drop heavy jigs and then try to bring them home as fast as possible. When the fish intercepts you hold on for dear life until you find your balance and a good grip. Brutal takes and brutal fun!



Popping: 7,9 – 8,4 ft. long rods in PE8/10 are perfect for the task. Most of the time we’ll be casting Poppers between 130 and 150 gramms and Stickbaits between 100-180grams.

Jigging: Short rods that can cover a range between 150 and 300 gramms comfortably. PE 5-6 and you are on the safe side.



Popping: PE-6-10 depending on the rod. We recommend Sunline Monster Battle PE 8, Varivas Avani GT or something equal.

Jigging: Varivas Tuna PE 5-6 or Sunline Jigging Master PE5-6

Shocker: Prosele Nanodax 130-230lb or something equal.



Trebles: Gamakatsu GT Recorder between 4/0 and 7/0 or Owner ST77 4X between 3/0 and 5/0

Single: Spinoza or Kudaku between 3/0 and 9/0 for both Jigging and Popping

Terminals: 4/0 Swivels and Splitrings (Size 9-11) between 250lb and 300lb



It’s very easy to go too far here. There’s no use in bringing the same lure 10 times unless you are planning to stay for a month or two. It is important though, to cover all ranges and styles. A short checklist: Big Cups, Small Cups, Skipping Lures, Floating Stickbait, Sinking Stickbait, Tuna Lures, Pencil Poppers – variety of lures that will cover all your bases. Bring two of each and you’ll be fine for the time being. Here some recommended lures that have been fieldtested and approved!

Big Cups:
Craftbait GT3, Heru Cubera, Alles Lures Megamouth, Hammerhead D-Cup, Patriot Design Masterd Bomb

Small Cups: Heru GT Mania, Carpenter Seafrog, Fisherman K-Rog, Napalm Works, Alles Lures Ring Pop

Skipping Lures & Pencils: Orion Flapper, Heru Skipjack, Hammerhead Tobi, Alles Lures Dorado, Patrio Design Fat Pats

Stickbaits: Carpenter Gamma, Alles Stickbait Valmar(Floating) Heru Wahoo, FCL Labo CSP

Tuna Lures & Small Game: Jackfin Pelargo & Argo, Duo Pressbait, Cancraft.

Jigs: Zenaq Diffuser, Xesta Slow Emotion Flap, Lamble Bait Haoli Jig Japan, FCL Labo SL Jig.

General Items/Tips


  • Rigging: This is an advice for both fly anglers and spinfishermen. If you are not 100 % confident in your rigging, ask an experienced angler to do it for you. Forget about the stores unless the guy behind the desk is a trustworthy veteran in the saltwater field. You wouldn’t believe how many prerigged lines and rigs we have to redo prior to our first session out on the water. Having that said, the Solid Adventures guys on location will gladly assist you with both rigging and setting up lines and leaders. Just let us know timely upon your arrival so we get you sorted before we go out and not 5 minutes before. It takes time.
  • Camera: You are in a tropical paradise so bring your camera gear or at least a Point and Shoot Camera. Bring a bunch of batteries and Memory cards too. Don’t forget your pendrive to exchange images with others! Polarized Filters do magic. Have one with you.
  • Tools: Pliers, Splitring Pliers, Knot-Tool, Lighter, Superglue, Knife, Longnose Pliers, Hook Sharpener – bring em, you will need all of them!
  • Boots: A pair of high-top flat sneakers or boots are downright perfect.
  • Wading: Gravel Guards, Long Pants, Trunks, Long Arm Microfiber or a Longlsleeve Shirt
  • Sunglasses: Dark amber or mirror blue grey lenses.
  • Bags: Waterproof Backpack and Chestpacks.
  • Glove: Bring a pair of Jigging/Popping Gloves to protect your fingers. Also bring a pair of cheap but sturdy gloves for the flyfishing part. GT have gnarly sharp scales on their tail…