Tackle and Technique

Guests are responsible for bringing their own equipment or pre-booking their own rentals. We recommend to bring gear that can hold up for GT, Snapper, Tuna, and such bigger fish but also something lighter for Bonitos and more.


Spin fishing: Specific GT rods and reels are definitiley to prefer. Below are some guide lines to help you get something that will help you land your dream fish.

Popping: 7,9 – 8,4 ft. long rods in PE8/10 are perfect for the task. Most of the time we’ll be casting Poppers between 130 and 150 gramms and Stickbaits between 100-180grams .

Fly Fishing: Bring a #12+ weight and #7 weight combo and you will cover the basics such as GT’s and Bonefish. For detailed tackle recommendations, please ask for our tackle list info sheet.

Jigging: Short rods that can cover a range between 150 and 300 gramms comfortably. PE 5-6 and you are on the safe side.



Popping: PE-6-10 depending on the rod. We recommend Sunline Monster Battle PE 8, Varivas Avani GT or something equal.

Jigging: Varivas Tuna PE 5-6 or Sunline Jigging Master PE5-6

Shocker: Prosele Nanodax 130-170lb or something equal



Trebles: Gamakatsu GT Recorder between 4/0 and 7/0 or Owner

ST77 4X between 3/0 and 5/0

Single: Spinoza or Kudaku between 3/0 and 9/0 for both Jigging and Popping

Terminals: 4/0 Swivels and Splitrings between 250lb and 300lb


Additional Gear: The abundance of other game fish are demanding a range of tackle from light spinning to heavy trolling. We recommend to bring some light spinning gear for tuna, snappers and groupers. A size 4000 reels and a ”pike-spinning-rod”will do.


For detailed tackle recommendations, please ask for our tackle list info sheet