Los Roques, Venezuela

Venezuela’s largest marine park, El Parque Nacional Los Roques, is hands down one of the most consistent bonefish fisheries on the planet. Truely a classic with a twist. May it be the variety that is by far more than just worldclass wading for bonefish or the breathtaking setting with hundrets of picturesque keys and fishing spots, even non fishing partners will be left in awe of the sheer beauty of the place. Unlike other fisheries, Los Roques offers a vivid social life right at the doorstep of the ammenities. There’s nothing better than just sitting in one of the local bars, watching the ever so clumpsy pelican diving for minnows, sunset gazing and simply drinking it in after a fantastic day of fishing.  It truely is a fishing holiday destination, where leisure, comfort, excellent fishing ground and local stlye merge together in what’s simply known as the Los Roques.