Flies for Las Buitreras


The short but yet vibrant histroy of the searun-Browntrout or Seatrout fishery in Argentina has sparked a quite different development of fly pattern than in Europe, where Seatrout fishing has a considerable past similar to Atlantic Salmon fishing. Both are intertwined here, and that’s why most seatrout pattern are heavily influenced by Salmon pattern. The only exception might be classic UK night time fishing pattern. To make a long story short, when the first Browntrout transformed into searun fish and came back a silver lean mean machines, local anglers would resort classic big trout pattern from the US, especially Great Lake pattern that were designed to catch lake run browns and lake run Rainbows. Although many new styles and pattern have made it down to the Gallegos, our top 5 pattern are still the good old classics. A practical joke that bares more than just a bit of truth says that Argentine Seatrout guides don’t care about the flies as long as they are black with white rubberlegs…

If one asks our guides about their top 5, the answers are eerily similar:
1: Yuk Bug
2: Rubberleg Conehead Wolly Bugger (Black,Yellow or Olive)
3: Copper John Nymph (Copper and Black)
4: Miller’s Electric Leech (Evening fishing)
5: Girdle Bug

Of course, we do stock a selection of these and others in the Lodge. We also carry a broad assortment of fly kits that come in a classy aluminum flybox with foam inserts – of course with our iconic Las Buitreras logo and only available to lodge guests!