Flies for Las Buitreras


Ask any Argentinian sea trout guide what fly to use and they’ll surely tell you it doesn’t matter as long as it’s black with white rubberlegs. Perhaps not the most beautiful addition to your flybox, however, rubberlegs really work well in this river. If you’re more of a purist though and prefer to fish patterns without the rubberlegs, you’ll also find them functional. Anything from small nymphs, size 8-12, to streamers and classical salmon flies are frequently utilized by our guides and returning guests with great results.


Current water conditions is what determine what flies and size of flies we use. We recommend to bring various nymphs with rubber legs size 8-12, streamers size 6-10, plus some bigger sunray shadows and leeches for late evening fishing.



Our top six all season patterns
1: Yuk bug
2: Rubber leg conehead woolly bugger / yellow yummie (black,yellow, olive)
3: Copper John nymph / rubber leg nymphs (copper and black)
4: Miller’s electric leech
5: Girdle bug
6. Sunray shadow (night time favorite)


We try to stock a selection of our favorite flies at the Lodge, though availability is limited and cannot be guaranteed. We also offer an exclusive Las Buitreras fly box that contains an assortment of flies in an aluminum box adorned with our Las Buitreras logo. This item is only available to lodge guests and offered on location.