We have renovated an old house on the estancia and furnished it with traditional “campo” style antiques. The living is comfortable and clean. There are 5 double-bed rooms and 2 single-bed rooms and a new annex with indoor barbeque. In addition to the structural renovation, the entire heating, water, electrical and gas systems have been replaced. There is a wine cellar with a fantastic selection from the Mendoza and San Juan regions. It is also stocked with cerveza Isenbeck, an outstanding local beer. Outside, there is a huge veranda, a spacious courtyard that is protected from the wind, and a large, fixed stone grill and terrace for barbeques. House wine and beer is included in the lodge rate but we do keep a wide selection of local wines not often available elsewhere and guests are welcome to purchase these at a very reasonable rate. No smoking inside the lodge.




  • A diesel generator supplies the electricity in Buitreras and the power is 220 volt. The receptacles will accept common European plugs. The generator normally runs between 06.30 and 23.30. We have auxiliary battery power and there are 12-volt outlets in your rooms with lights that will function in the absence of generator power. Additionally, there are gas lamps here in the living/dining area and also upstairs in the hallway. These lamps can be used to advantage during late-night festivities!
  • Water is supplied from a windmill at the top of the hill and though there are no limits for guests, we ask that they use it conscientiously. There are three very large thermo tanks supplying hot water and it is normally always available.
  • There is a new telephone with Internet access in the lodge. During our season, continental Europe and Scandinavia are +4 hours and Great Britain is +3 hours. Note: Telephone works when generator is on only. Hours for this and new number will be available before season.