Fishing is done both from single skiffs, double skiffs, and by wading. To get access to the new areas of San Lazaro and Zapata National Park there are a total of six skiffs (flat boats) available for our guests: four new single skiffs taking one angler and guide per boat, and two double skiffs taking two anglers and guide per boat.

Most of the flats are very shallow with hard clear bottoms allowing for very easy wading on solid grounds for sight fishing, mainly for Bonefish and Permit but also with the odd chance for Tarpon and other species! When fishing the deeper still rather unexplored areas we can’t say what species you will be casting on but we suggest you come prepared!


Since 2013 Solid Adventures in co-operation with Casa Batida and Planet Fly fishing are allowed to take anglers right into the heart of an earlier closed area by utilizing a newly built channel directly from the new marina making the areas accessible. With the help of our 4 single skiffs to explore the shallow areas and two double skiffs to explore the deeper areas we can cover basically any water in the park.