The Santa Cruz river is one the biggest rivers of Argentina. Speyrods and Intruderflies are dominating your daily fishing routine on the shallow banks of this majestic river. Fishing is done on wading base as Steelhead migrate along the banks and shallow runs – it truely is a close quarters experience. Due to the size and paricular glacier fed water color, St. Cruz Steelhead are physically constitued to strip you deep into your backing. Some of the strongest and biggest fish of Patagonia swim upstream every year to spawn. Los Plateados offer four different beats and over 30 named pools in our normal range of activity. Guests will rotate among the different zones to fish the most productive pools and runs. While all beats and pools are accessible by boat, the whole of beat Nr 2 and a part of Nr 3,  are also accessible by truck and only a few minutes away from the cabin. Transportation will be done in 5,2 mts Zodiacs Boats with 70hp engines and Pickup Trucks. All vehicles approved for Tourism with passengers insurances.