Tackle and Techique


We suggest you bring double handed rods. In case you want to learn to Speycast or improve your technique all our guides are keen instructors. Fly rods in 8 and/or 9 wt. Skagit lines with assortment of tips for the different types of water. Also fast sinking shooting heads for the faster runs. Flies in black, blue, fuchsia, red, etc make great contrast with this milky glacier water. Regular winter steelhead patterns do the job just fine! Assorted sizes. i.e. Intruders, Articulated leeches, etc. Technique: Fish slow while working your way downstream along these massive runs and pools. Guides will provide you of all the information you might need. Swinging flies works very well but don’t hesitate in striping as it can trigger some of these fierce Steelhead. Flies, flylines, leader and tackle available at our flyshop at the cabin.
Lines: 550-725 Grain Skagit Heads (RIO Skagit Max, RIO I-Flight with Mow Tips, Vision Ace Skagit, Airflo Tactical Skagit) with a selection of tips 15ft. of T10,T14 and T17.


Leader/Tippet: 15-20lb Tippet Material (Hatch Fluorocarbon, RIO Fluoroflex, Seaguar)

AH1A9637 AH1A9802