Los Plateados River Cabin is located 50 miles upstream from the rivers estuary. Lodging is arranged for 6 anglers in double rooms. Simple but comfortable the cabin has everything you need. Strategically situated right at the bank, overlooking some of the best steelhead pools of the river, the cabin offers all comfort that one could imagine after a day of fishing. Hot water always available for showers.  A generator supplies the electricity and the power is 220 volt.  Both breakfast and dinner will be served in the cabin, prepared by an argentine chef will take care of the meals, where some of Argentinas finest beef and lamb will be served along with vegetables grown in our own greenhouse. Lunch is served by the river side to get the most of the fishing day. After a day of fishing you get back to the cabin where the warmth of the fireplace and a glass of wine will be waiting. If you are missing any tackle or equipment we have a well assorted fly shop in the cabin as well. There is a satellite telephone in the lodge for outgoing phone calls if needed.