World Class Tarpon Fishing

Santa Maria is all about action and adrenaline. Standing in the front of the skiff casting at a cruising, unsuspecting 100 lb tarpon is very hard to beat or even describe! It is something that has to be experienced and tarpon fishermen all over the world will relate to and nod their heads listening to stories about tangled presentations and premature hook sets from seasoned fisherman that simply got overwhelmed by the situation! With the exclusive license for Santa Maria we fish the vast protected waterpark using only 4 boats at one time offering rested waters and fish that most likely have never seen a fly before. The advantage is more fish and more room for mistakes when presenting the fly. We have seen flies landing on the tail of the fish, having the tarpon do a 180 and totally destroy the fly. This is not something you see on more heavily fished spots. Santa Maria is pure World Class! It’s as simple as that!