The fishing in Santa Maria is done from boat/ skiff. Depending on the conditions and season you either stalk Tarpon on shallow flats or look for fish in the channels. Stalking the flats is pure adrenaline, knee-shaking action where your skills and patience is put to the test! This is precision casting but more than anything a mind game! As soon as the guide shout “Tarpon 11 o clock, 30 meters, You see it”, the world changes and everything goes into slow motion! This is your time to shine but more often than not it is like all skills and experience is out the window and even the easiest cast seems impossible. The line gets stuck under your foot, the fly gets tangled around the leader, and when you finally get it out there you are way of mark. And believe me, your guide will let you know it! “Cast again! Cast again” is a standard phrase and if you are lucky it will be followed by a “Yes Yes he is coming, strip strip strip, it’s on, set the hook set the hook”! Once the hook is set this where the real action starts. Be aware of all slack line and make sure to get your feet out of any loops! Fishing the channels involves both fishing with intermediate lines for schools moving up and the channel as well as sight casting for fish casually cruising in the surface! Here the new electric trolling engines are deadly effective when intercepting a school of approaching fish. With the new electrical engines we can follow and intercept schools or single fish without scaring them, placing ourselves in real sniper position waiting for the perfect moment to present the fly. This has proven to be deadly effective and will drastically improve the angler’s chance of a real trophy fish! Fish from 10 to 80 lb are present all year long and very big migrating tarpons up to 180 lb start to show up in great numbers from March onwards. Classic sight flats fishing combined with mangrove and channel fishing when the weather or tide is wrong for the flats make this place a world class tarpon destination.