River / The Creeks


Pelke river

A well known brook trout fishery this river keeps an important population of trout that goes from half a kilo to a kilo. Also shares the system with browns that grow bigger. All the fishing in this place is done with #2 to #4 gear exclusively with floating lines and mostly dry flies. The structure of this river demands you walking and spotting fish in every corner. Fast water, slow water, algae, stones, cliffs, Pelke river offers a lot of fishing situations. Once you get the hang of it you will exclusively fish for rising fishes. If you like Tenkara technique this is definitively a place to try.


Coyle Norte river

This river is a few miles from the Pelke inside our property. This is where we go in the afternoon to look for the big browns. Last season the catch record showed some nice fish up to 3 kilos and the record still belongs to Pedro with 3,5 kilos. The fishing in this place is done with floating lines and terrestrial foam flies. Big fish go crazy for this kind of fly; if the weather is cold you may use streamers. The variety of this river is that the tinniest hole can be a meter wide and then you may have to cast 20 meters to cover the next pool.


Coyle Sur river

This fishery has a great population of brookies of all sizes. The biggest caught in this place is close to 3 kilos. It´s a combination of the other two rivers with more water and some big pools. You should have some weighed nymphs for deeper water that exceeds 2 meters in some beats. A demand of long casts, precise casts and short casts. The landscape and the river structure in this estancia are stunning, untouched water for years.


Chico Sur river

Our last stop and the last river of Argentina. Definitively the place to finish our trip. This river begins in Chile on a junction of tiny creeks and spring lagoons. With very small changes in the declination of the terrain this river offers a technical fishing for some of the biggest brooks you may find. Some of the catches registered in this water show 4 kilos brooks and some legends of the Ariztizabal family talk about an 8 kilos brook trout caught on a net 50 years ago. Actually on a fishing day you may catch easily fishes that exceed two kilos and many over a kilo that offer a tremendous fight. Really well fed, these brooks are a treasure of the Deep Patagonia. The tackle will be similar to the other rivers but this time nymphs and streamers will be used most of time.