Las Buitreras report #2


09 May Las Buitreras report #2

Ivar Ulgenes & Rolf Myhre, two men that share a long history with this lodge and the people here… well, they have been coming here for the last 9 years and even named a Pool that many years ago: The Norwegian Bank. Also with Rolf and Ivar were Sten –well known for bringing into this lodge the “taxi-guide concept”, asking the guides for a drive after lunch to home pool, every day-  and Bent Christian, also an experienced fisherman in this river, making this visit their 5th one to Las Buitreras. Even thou the rest of this group of anglers were not as experienced fisherman on this type of waters with migratory fish, they knew for sure that this was the right place to get started, as they could count with the assistance and tuition of a keen team of guides & instructors. Casting in the front yard was the beginning, and a way to get a hang of the double handed rods for some, plus different casting techniques like the double haul for those who preferred the single handed ones. Despite the differences in fishing experience and technique, they were all very eager to set up their rods and rush to the water as soon as possible! So they did right after they arrived at the lodge and had their welcome lunch followed by the usual meeting with the camp manager. They all went down to the home pool area and it was Mawill “Salmo Salar” Ludenbach – now best known as “Salmo Trutta” –  who took care of landing the first fish of the week, a fresh 11 pound sea trout.


The river received this group of anglers with a low water level that dropped slowly during the week from -15cm to -25cm. Later on the week it came up slowly back to -20cm where it stood stable. The water temperature on the other hand kept fairly low and stable as well, between 9-13°C with the barometric pressure staying quite high, over 1000 hPa. These conditions didn’t make fishing any easier, but certainly very technical, and long leaders and small flies were a must. The group had to readjust their tackle extending the leaders to 14’ with 1x tippet and the small salmon flies started to show up, followed by some traditional Argentine sea trout flies: things full of rubber legs! Rubber legged Copper Johns, Peacock Bombers and a variety of Stone Fly patterns were the weapons of choice. Fishing was slow, still not that slow as for changing the desired title (the one every angler wants to achieve) of “Top Rod” for “Top Book” of the week… fishing was tough but the fish were there! Like for Rolf, this was nothing to be afraid of, so he kept working hard and followed his guide instructions which eventually lead him into a 24lb sea trout at Peso Pesado, in Zone 3, being that the biggest fish caught this week. Some considered it was the result of his knowledge and experience. For us, it was probably his capability of being focused in fishing so much and deeply… probably because of a pair of (too) tight underwader pants he was wearing, and proudly showed every day around the lodge, even at lunch time… tight lines and tight pants for Rolf! That same session finished with two other 20 pounders and three more sea trout between 15 and 18 lb. Now it was time of joy and of course time for making a toast for the big fish that they deserved, and finally caught.


Claudio Martin
Las Buitreras Camp Manager



Total Number of fish caught: 57 sea trout over 3lb
Average weight: 8,2 lb.
Best Rod: Nicolas Pariset (France) –12 sea trout from 3lb to 18,7lb
Best Pool: Old Bridge Pool
Best Fly/Flies: Copper John with Rubber Legs
Biggest Fish: 24 lb. Rolf Myhre (Norway)