Göran Andersson hosts Las Buitreras 7-14 Jan 2012.


28 May Göran Andersson hosts Las Buitreras 7-14 Jan 2012.

Göran Andersson. A presentation is probably not needed. When it comes to fishing, Göran´s motto has always been: if you can stand there – you can fish there!

Göran is one of the founders of Loop some 30 years ago and it was Göran that invented the Underhandcast (also called Scandinavian style) that changed flyfishing, that made it easier, especially at places that seemed to be impossible for flyfishing. During this special week it will be possible to learn more from Göran and his special casting technique. How to finetune lines and rods for all possible fishing places. Maybe we will also have the chance to listen to some of his fishing stories.

This will with no doubt be a very special week!

Host: Göran Andersson
Date: 7-14 January, 2012
Contact Christer Sjöberg for more information: christer@solidadventures.com


Göran at his backyard home in Sweden.