Las Buitreras report #1


08 May Las Buitreras report #1

We’ve started Season 2011 with two things in common to other years. Firstly, a longer week -10 days, spending New Year’s Eve at the Estancia-, and secondly a wonderful group of people whom we’ve known for some years now. Besides Örjan Hagen, Marcus Glistorp and Frank Serbus who were here for the first time it was a group of –now– old friends for us. Peter and Ulrika, Thor (aka The Thorminator) and Steinar, John and finally David and Sarah. Anyone could tell that there was a special feeling all over. Even 5th timer at Las Buitreras Mr. Steinar Simonsen (now in rehab after Facebook addiction) got the feeling that staying in touch through social networks will never take over the real thing: meeting again, face to face with the same group of people he’s spent this special week with before. The first one to arrive was John Eames (UK), for the second time after 5 year of his first visit, followed by his fishing pal Frank Serbus from the US, a steelhead fisherman much used to chase migratory fish, and the challenge within.
First session went by and the result was 12 fish –for 3 rods-, not bad for the warming up day… The rest of the group joined on the 30th and were ready to have a fabulous time. From then on it was 9 anglers in 5 beats with 5 guides willing to show the arriving guests what this river had for them.British, Norwegians, Swedish and an American were welcomed by a river in top shape without a doubt. The combination of the right water conditions and high tides made it optimum for lots of chrome silvery sea trout to run up and reach our stretch of Gallegos. This time we were witnesses of some changes too. For instance the case of David Roby, who didn’t make us wait at all this year by hooking and landing a 12 pounder at El Puesto in Zone 4 on his first session out. For him this was just the beginning of his best week at Las Buitreras, where he reached this time the title of “Best Rod” after catching and releasing 28 fish over 3lb. Well done David! By his side it was his wife Sarah, a keen horse rider who spent some time in between fishing sessions around the property riding with Fernanda and Pollo, our Gaucho-Guide, enjoying the best of the Patagonian summer. For the first timers in the group (Örjan, Marcus and Frank) it was a fine start of the week as they managed to catch their first Argentine Sea Trout on their first session. Now the pressure was off and they were ready to enjoy the rest of the week, more relaxed and with no stress. Each and every day started with Steinar checking the forecast on his most precious possession, his i-phone, while having breakfast. Later on during the day we also saw him doing different things like checking the results of the skiing competitions –on his i-phone-, playing games –with his i-phone- and even sending messages to their friends who were sitting next to him at the lodge, through his i-phone! Certainly a gadgets man who entertained the group at all times with the thousand stories he had, and not a single punch line after them.


The river and weather conditions started to change later on in the week making fishing tougher. The water level dropped to -15, upstream wind started to blow and the high temperatures made it difficult. The river reached 21°C but luckily cooled down afterwards and maintained the 10-15° range for the rest of the time. The warm weather made the group go out for the afternoon session later and in the meantime it was casting competitions done in the front yard… this International Casting Tournament was won by the British team like in an epic battle against their opponents. The week had its ups and downs, glory and frustration, beef and gnoqui, but finished with an overall feeling of success and certainly satisfaction. For everyone in this special group with whom we spent New Years Eve once again enjoying Sofia’s superb cuisine and shared a great week with, we’ve got three words: Cheers, Skol and Salud! And we’ll be looking forward to seeing you again next year!!!


Claudio Martin
Las Buitreras Camp Manager



Total Number of fish caught: 105 sea trout over 3lb
Average weight: 8 lb.
Best Rod: David Roby (UK) – 28 sea trout over 3lb.
Best Pools: One Cast (Beat #5) and Outer Limit (Beat #3)
Best Fly/Flies: Peacock Bomber #6 and Stoats Tail #10
Biggest Fish: 19lb. Ulrika Bilstrom (Sweden)