Las Buitreras report #6


12 May Las Buitreras report #6

Week #6 at Las Buitreras was without doubt an unusual one. We had a seven anglers group that had on one side Mr. Kerry Hardy –member of mighty Team Ireland, several times with us- followed by his friend Mark, and on the other side a group of 5 friends, first timers at the Gallegos, from Scotland and England. The group arrived as any other Saturday full of excitement and expectations, and started right away to set up all their gear. The conditions at the moment were not easy and for sure the most technical ones. Fortunately we always have not only the right tackle but the perfect setups for our guests to try and use, and this makes a huge difference. After our chat and going through the details of the river they all agreed on going “The Loop Way” and each picked up an Opti River 798 single handed rod, Opti Runner reel and most important, Multi Clear Intermediate Line. Long leaders and small flies were the final touch to have the equipment part solved. The group was split into four of our six beats and the four guides started the week ready to show them that even in the toughest conditions the Gallegos River has always a fish to reward any hard working, committed angler. So after the first day of fishing the group had 7 fish in the book, just a fine start considering the circumstances. The count was led by Alistair’s 15 pounder caught in Beat Nr. 1 where guide Diego -and just like Kerry said- is King! These water conditions continued the same, and the hot weather made things even tougher…

Having our Jurassic man (Diego “Pollo” Coscia) in the camp, we planned to make a trip up to the lake as there was no one fishing there at the time. The five friends decided to join Pollo on a journey to one of the most prolific fisheries in the planet where Loop Adventures established the first camp 5 years ago. They left on Tuesday after two days in Las Buitreras and it was only the Irish team who decided to stay and make justice to this river. For the two of them, ahead were 4 days with 40 km of the Gallegos River, and 50 named pools to choose. Not a bad feeling… For Mark, who did just a little fly fishing in the past, this trip was not only about catching fish. The learning, the casting, the nature… the rest was plus. For him the challenge was not really these shy Sea Trout, and definitely not after landing a big lamprea, with the fly in the mouth! Good record for Mark and the beginning of a new and exclusive fishing club, The Brotherhood of the Lamprea, with two active members so far.

On Thursday a large number of fresh sea trout came into the system and started to fill the pools from zone #5 and up. Because of the extraordinarily high water temperature things were not any easier but then all we needed was a slight change in the weather. The Jurassic Expedition led by Pollo and Hernan arrived to Las Buitreras after two and a half days in the lake, where they did spectacular. The group was more than happy, catching over 400 massive rainbow trout between the 5 of them. We had a positive all-round result of the week, with a pleased group after the hard work of the whole Buitreras team, and specially the guides who did everything… and sometimes a bit more.


Claudio Martin
Las Buitreras Camp Manager



Total Number of fish caught: 17 sea trout over 4lb for 2 anglers (7 Anglers for the first two days only).
Average weight: 7,8 lb.
Top Rod: Kerry Hardy (Ireland) – 8 sea trout over 4lb.
Best Pool: Kitchen
Best Fly/Flies: Silver Stoats Tail #12
Biggest Fish: 15lb. (Alister Jack – Scotland)