Las Buitreras report #10


16 May Las Buitreras report #10

Among the other part the group was Liz and Nigel from Scotland, Duncan from England, and from Germany Mawill Ludenbach, also for the second time this season fishing with us, and this time for two weeks! Still managing some difficult conditions as the water and air temperature still kept quite high, the guides decided to modify the usual schedule and head out for the morning session at first light, 6:00 am and try to find the water cooler and the fish more active. That certainly worked out in some of the major fish holding pools like “80” in Beat Nr. 1 where most of the action happened and the place where fish of all sizes showed all the time. It’s the tuition that the guides provide what can make the biggest difference under these conditions, not only for casting and the best way to present the line and fly, but also the way to approach a sensitive stream and cover the pools without letting the fish know they are there. For years our team has been recognized for the instruction given to the guests that stay with us. This is without a doubt the best school to improve your fly casting skills.

During the first day of the week there was some action in some of the main pools in the different beats. Most of the takes were on smaller salmon flies, what led guide Hernan to take the decision of not having his usual siesta and instead of that tie flies for the whole team. The spirit and dedication of this group was outstanding, and that was exactly what allowed them to have not only a great time with us but of course, but also succeed on the fishing. So was for Duncan, an angler that seemed clearly to be every time in the right place and on the right time, but even more important, carefully fishing every inch of this river, what led him to be “Top Rod” of week Nr 10 after landing 8 sea trout. For our American friends, all of them very keen in Steelhead fishing, it was time to try the fish “the fish of a thousand and one casts”! They also did a great job, got to try and test some of Loop’s finest rods and reels and managed to get their Argentine sea trout. For Ken and Duncan the adventure continued in Jurassic Lake, the place widely known for being the most prolific rainbow trout fishery in the planet, and a unique add-on program to Las Buitreras Fishing Lodge.


Claudio Martin
Las Buitreras Camp Manager



Total Number of fish caught: 29 sea trout over 4lb for 10 anglers.
Average weight: 8,8 lb.
Top Rod: Duncan Fitzwilliams (UK) – 8 sea trout over 4lb.
Best Pool: “80” (Beat Nr. 1)
Best Fly/Flies: Stoat’s Tail #12 & EMB #10
Biggest Fish: 17,6 lb. Bob Meade (USA)