Las Buitreras Report Week VIII, Feb 18 – Feb 25


13 Mar Las Buitreras Report Week VIII, Feb 18 – Feb 25

Field Report Feb 18th Feb 25th 2012
by Stephan Dombaj

Hooked on the fly – Couple Episode

One year ago, Chris Travis and his team from the TV show, “Hooked on the Fly,” recorded an Argentinian episode at two of our top destinations: Rio Gallegos & Jurassic Lake. With the Rio Gallegos sinking its hooks into the team, they returned this past week with a group of fellow anglers from the UK and United States.

The word for this week’s catch: Sharing. These three brave men decided to bring their beloved wives along with them. Sailors have an unwritten code to never bring a woman onto a boat so we naturally awaited the side effects of such a decision. We started the week with a blank sheet in the catch book and water levels of +/- 0cm. Before the others could even have a whiff of seatrout, Chris claimed the first solid bar of chrome coming in at 9 lbs. shortly after his arrival from Boca Chica. Not too shabby! A diehard fishermen with the right attitude his efforts led to the top rod of the week with 15 fish! Congratulations! The group was accompanied by Christer Sjöberg and his wife, Annakarin Sjöberg. The good karma easily spread throughout the group and lodge.

Our fishing week officially began with an early sunday morning session where Annakarin started the week with one fish ahead of her husband. She didn’t stop catching fish. Even though it wasn’t her first time at Las Buiteras, it was her first time fishing Gallegos with a double handed rod.

A few casts. Two fish. 38 pounds. How does that sound? For Jay Jones, who played the game relentlessly with Diego and Chris in zone 1 (Upper Kitchen and Kitchen), his 20 pound chromer purchased him a ticket to our infamous Las Buitreras 20 lb. Club! The 18 lb. fish, a few casts later, was the cherry on top. Overwhelmed by the experience, he flipped a salto down the deck of our veranda- luckily unharmed! Congratulations and welcome to the club!

Kent Duckworth used his karma appropriately on a 21.5 lb. fish out of Seniors. It was our fish of the week! Kent joined the club too! While Kent was chasing big fish, it was his wife Betty who raised the bar of effective fishing. Just a couple of casts every now and then resulted in lots of chrome. That was good team-work!

Our UK fraction consisted of Eddie and Ivonne Bulley who kept up the numbers. Las Buitreras was just their first stop on a long road trip through Argentina and Chile. Thanks for stopping by!

As an experienced game angler and hunter, Gary Neal teamed up with our first timer Guido Meitz from Germany to share countless good stories and company! Though they were not just about chrome!

All in all, we had a very relaxed week filled with good fishing!

Water & Fishing

As the week progressed, our anglers faced a gradually descending water level from + – 0cm to -25cm. Flies were simultaneously dropping in sizes for day light conditions, a typical phenomenon here at Rio Gallegos. Once the water levels crossed the 0cm line and kept on falling, the fish activity increased during dusk and dawn. Of course, this all depended on the weather conditions. A good evening session can make up an entire sunny day of fishing in terms of numbers with ease. Whereas one has to work the fly under low water and bright sunlight conditions to get a reaction, it’s the slow and steady retrieve that triggers a reflex strike once the light is gone. Top color in fading light is black and black/purple mixed up with some color and flash highlights. The shape differs from slim and sparsly tied patterns such as the “Sunray Shadow“ or a “Snake-Fly“ to water pushing foam and tsunami head pimped Zonker-Flies. When the water is low, temperature can be a big issue and a limiting factor for activity. Luckily the water didn’t warm up or breach the critical mark of 14/15 degrees – it actually remained pretty low and tipped the barometer around 9 degrees every day. Top daytime flies were small Yellow Yummies, Rubberlegs, and Rubberleg Beadhead Nymphs.

Stephan Gian Dombaj
Camp Manager – Solid Adventures

  • Total No. Of Searun Fish: 75
  • Average: 8,2lb
  • Top Rod: Chris Travis (15)
  • Biggest Fish:
  • -21,5lb – Kent Duckworth (Seniors – Yellow Yummie)
  • Top Fly: Rubberlegs
  • Top Pool: Little Corner
  • % of Chrome Fish: 75%
  • Fish < 10lb: 18
  • Fish < 20lb: 2