Redefining Seatrout Fly Fishing


09 Sep Redefining Seatrout Fly Fishing

“The redefinition of seatrout fly fishing”

A pretty risky headline but I wouldn’t give my name away for a lie. Think about seatrout or sea run brown trout: The stubborn grumpy behavior of a big ‘ol brown trout mixed up with the stamina, the speed and the power of a chrome fresh ocean run fish. Imagine now numerous of these fish being trapped in a shallow river at world’s end, and you are presenting your nymph pattern with a floating line across the gentle ripple. A deep pull and the 6 weight single handed rod is fully bent, the reel is singing a bitter sweet song of agony and the big silver fish is leaping all over the place. Doesn’t really match your definition of seatrout fishing? Well, I have to agree – most seatrout rivers and especially the ones who are renown for 20lb + fish require sinking lines or heavy sink tips and pretty heavy gear to move these lines. Due to it’s structural splendor and overall pretty shallow water shed of the Rio Gallegos, we at Las Buitreras are blessed to ambush some of the biggest seatrout on the planet with light tackle, floating or intermediate lines and tapered leaders. The purification of seatrout fishing.

The sporting virtues of Patagonia Austral (Magellan Patagonia) are available for very limited number of devoted fly anglers to ensure the high level of fishing the Solid Adventures Camp has to offer! 40km prime seatrout water considered to be one of the most productive parts of the entire river on both banks, divided in more than 50 named pools and pretty much the same amount of uncharted pools – for 8 to 12 rods per week… Let me back these plain numbers up by something more practical: We are talking about a seemingly endless amount of water and desert.

Seasonal Review

Despite the fact that drought and flood were conspiring against us, our unorthodox approach towards tough conditions saved our season. It also proves that our guides are diehard fishermen themselves, dedicating all their skills and knowledge to make your fishing experience unforgettable. It is no secret that the Las Buitreras Lodge under the banner of Solid Adventures is one of the more professional operations these days, a true and dedicated seatrout stronghold. We were facing the driest season ever since this operation was running and still managed to keep both numbers and average weight up! The trend of growing average weights and a constantly raising upper end is still strong. It’s just a matter of time till we scratch the 30lb again…

Fall Run

I want to lose a few words about the magnificent fall run that we are facing since the early days of this Operation. It is a common misconception that the early dates and months at the watershed of Las Buitreras are the very best. Despite the good numbers of big and angry colored fish at the end of the season, that resemble giant browntrouts in some cases, the fall run of spanking fresh chrome fish is one of the strongest ones here at Rio Gallegos. These circumstances are usually alinging with convenient waterlevels which are either normal or slightly higher but not low at all. The approach from a fishing-practical point of view is rather big flies than smaller ones, which are appropriate during low water periods. Of course, there’s always a hook or in this case not at all. Many anglers really focus on the very first weeks of the season whereas the last weeks of April are usually sparsly occupied. Those guys have the time of their life, more than 52 named und plenty more unnamed pools just for them. The river, usually in good shape and most of all, happy fish. Even when the lodge is officially closed and the staff is preparing the mainhouse for the next season, the guides are staying a few more days to satisfy their urge for late season chrome. Around fifty fish up to 20,5lb amongst two of them in three and a half day of fishing, how does that sound?

Stephan Dombaj

Solid Adventures Camp Manager, Las Buitreras Lodge