Las Buitreras Week III Report, Jan 12 – 19, 2013


26 Jan Las Buitreras Week III Report, Jan 12 – 19, 2013

The good results from our previous week has lifted the spirits of both guides and clients. The improving water conditions were a bliss! In perfect shape, Rio Gallegos once again lived up to it’s reputation as the world’s longest seatrout river. Yet again another week with accomplished anglers from all across the planet, starting with a group that had a harsh warm-up at our Jurassic Lake Destination. Paul MacDonald from New Zeland, Joshua Nester from Australia and Demetri Bartous from SouthAfrica – otherwise known as the “Tri Nation Team” were accompanied by Andrea Fioretti from Rome and John Sullivan from California – people who were fishing Jurassic prior to Las Buitreras take swollen wrists for granted and of course, the unmistakeable smile. As Andrea already knew from his previous three times at our watershed, Seatrout fishing is all about the challenge, the adaption and of course the ability to place the right cast at the right time…

Completed by Doug Limburn from UK (4th time) and our Norwegian Regulars Sten Ruud and Bent Wilhelmsen, who just couldn’t resist to pay their “summer house” another visit (7th time for the records) Exceptional water conditions (+15cm) aligned with a good push of fresh fish, a constellation that is promising good number has of course proven to be accurate. Already the first sessions have delivered good numbers of absolute chrome fish. As fresh as they can be, they were putting on quite a show once hooked. Our Tri Nation Team has quickly erased all the doubts about those Speyrods, as the newly learned technique delivered two 20lb+ for Joshua Nester, including the biggest fish of the week – a chunky 23lb chromer out of “Puesto” that guide extraordinaire Hernan Garcia scooped out with his landing net. The story of a little bottle filled with water from the world-famous Alta River that baptized Joshua’s outfit is a little too far fetched at this point and certainly subject of Stephan Dombaj’s big fish black magic vodoo. Just like his bad habit to sleep with a walkie talkie under the pillow to assist the siesta bridge pool pilgrims with a net in case they need it…We are just as crazy about this as you guys are!

Sten and Bent simply delivered like every year. Their pool alliance is a safe bet for both good fish and numbers – not only because they know each and every pool like the back of their hands, they have the Norwegian Chrome Mojo ontop. It was Sten who spilled the rest of his mojo on magnificent 20lb hen in Tiura. Well played and well deserved! Chapeau!

Seatrout conspiracy theories were forged outside on our veranda over a few very exquisite cigars… Andrea and John, a classy duo with sense for style and fish. Andrea’s 18lb buck and a bunch of decent size chromers were the reward for a week of good work and good fishing!

The water situation was excellent and stable plus the fish have been filling up the pools in good numbers…and they are still on the run. Clear intermediate lines in combination with long leaders (2-3meters) are just right. Smaller Nymphs for bright days and noon-time fishing and bigger tubes are the tools of trade for these conditions.

All in all, one of the best fishing weeks in terms of numbers throughout the last 3 years. We’d be more than happy to repeat this exercise in 2014 with you guys!

Diego Peralta

Camp Manager of Las Buitreras Fishing Lodge 

  • Number of fish for the week: 91
  • Best pool: puesto, zona 4
  • Best fly: girddle bug-bitch creek
  • Biggest fish: 23 lbs “Josh Nester”
  • Top rod: Demetri Bartous 14 fish
  • Average: 8,8 lbs




Joshua Nester (Australia) about his first Solid Adventure Experience
” Today is sadly our last day at Las Buitreras, fishing the mighty Rio Gallegos river for sea run brown trout. Our tri-nations team (a NZ, a South African and Australian) has had an unbelievable week here, following a stellar week at Lago Strobel ( aka Jurassic Lake). Everything we have read and heard about both of these places is completely true. In fact, its better. This has been our fist time to fish in Argentina and THE trip of a lifetime.

The Fishing

Jurassic Lake - its a mission even getting to this remote corner of Patagonia and as expected there is lots of wind and lots of fast furious and massive rainbow trout. We fished hard at times, relaxed at others and didn’t keep count but easily caught hundreds of fish…..each. Biggest fish 21 lb (two of), many over 15lb, average probably 8lb. Jurassic is the the place to go to cure any big fish lust.

Rio Gallegos - In a word: Heaven! Good water levels, stable weather (even warm) and a fresh run of fish saw us time our trip perfectly. That said, this is challenging fishing and sea run trout are notoriously unpredictable…just when you think you have cracked the code, the next day is like fishing an entirely new river. Nervous about double handed rods (none of us have used them before), the amazing guides had us casting them and catching fish within a morning. Others successfully managed single handed rods but a double is definitely an advantage. The tri-nations team caught over 30 silver chromed beauties, with 80+ fish landed (and released) by 8 anglers during the week. Plus many pretty resident brown trout as welcome by-catch. Biggest fish 23lb with two others over 20lb and numerous well in excess of 10lb. These are the best looking fish ever and they fight like hell!

The PeopleThe legendary guides, camp/lodge staff and friendly fellow angling guests (many of whom visit Las Buitreras year after year) add so much to the experience. One story sums it all up: on my first day at Las Buitreras, a thoughtful guide (Stephan Dombaj) handed me a radio when I chose to fish during the siesta break (we typically fish over 11 hours per day with a siesta in the middle). He showed me where to fish, instructing me to call him if I hook a fish. As it turned out, I radioed him within the hour and two minutes later, he bounded over the fence and launched himself into the river, waders barely on, just in time to net my 15lb crome hen. He still had bed hair! All that after teaching me how to use the double hander just an hour before!

Now thats what I call going above and beyond!”


Rio Gallegos – Las Buitreras Regular Steen Rudd about his 7th time in heaven
SA: How many time did you come to Las Buitreras?
SR: “I came seven times”
SA: What is your opinion about fishing technique in the Rio Gallegos for Sea Trout?
SR: “They work – a lot of different techniques for different pars of the river – and especially taking the wind into consideration”
SA: What do you think about the Guiding Staff, Food, Ladies, all the Lodge?
SR: “Guiding – extremely high level and very high attention to your  fishing” 
“Staff – very friendly – like a big family
Food –  Good – I prefer Argentine food when Im in Argentina – and this was better this year – wine was also better this year 
Ladies – good
Lodge – good”
SA: Would you like to come again?
SR: “Yes – if I can afford it and find the time”
“This is like my second summer house – feel very welcome – low turnover of staff –  good fishing – learn something new every year “