Las Buitreras Week IV Report, Jan 19 – 26, 2013

David Kleeman week 4 LB 1926

06 Feb Las Buitreras Week IV Report, Jan 19 – 26, 2013

Strange conditions ring in the fourth week  of this season. Absolutely no wind and water temperatures up to 23 ºC, making the seatrout fishing quite hard for the guest. David Kleeman, Richard Bright and Derek Taylor from England, their 8th Season in Las Buitrereas. Bill Hicks (England), Hall Dennis (USA) for the second time and Jonte Magnusson, Hase Kurtovic, Torsten Anderson and our good friend and famous guide Ronny Anden, all of them from Sweden!

Having warm water like this, we had to change up techniques a little, going out later in the evening, letting the water cool down. Trying to find moving fish, we had to stay out later until night. The plan seemed to work out, having 20 fish landed after two days fishing. Las Buitrereas first-timer Torsten Anderson was honored to catch the biggest fish of the week, landed and guided in Little Corner (Zone 2) by first-season guide Frederico Quintero, who was just as happy – both well deserved. Ronny Anden, famous guide in Sweden, was not fishing the normal rotation in Zone 1-4 (8 anglers), but took over Zone 0, 5 and the upper Zone 1. Experiencing a good fisherie as well, Ronny was able to get connected to eight fish at “Orilla Ripio Pool” (First Pool, Upper Zone 1) in the same afternoon-session.

David Kleeman, finishing as Top Rod, had one of his best Seasons here in Las Buitreras, exploiting his longtime experience and knowledge about the river, landing 13 fish – Congratulations!

Also Richard and Derek enjoyed the week, finishing just short of David, however landing quite a number of chrome as well. It’s a good feeling to know that you have a lot of good-friend-guest, that return year after year to experience this exeptional fishery, enjoy the lodge-life or just to have a good time at the riverbank.

Talking about the river, it is acually the first time, that I have seen the waterlevel that high and stable for a long period in January, which is outstanding, since it gives us the opportunity to fish basically all of the pools as well as providing a constantly good run of fish. Of course, the fishing changes with wind and temperature, yet, towards the end of this week, we experienced the usual weather with good wind that puts some waves on the surface – just perfect for our seatrout in the Gallegos.

Big Band:

David Kleeman, Richard Bright, Derek Taylor, Bill Hicks, Jonte Magnusson, Hasse Kurtovic, Dennis Hall, Ronny Andén and Torsten Andersson

Diego Peralta

Las Buitreras Camp Manager

  • Number of fish: 64
  • Top Rod: David Kleeman 13 fish
  • Biggest fish: Torsten Andersson 21,5 lbs
  • Top Pool: Kitchen, Zone 1
  • Avrg: 8,2 lbs
Testimonial – Hasse Kurtovic:

After a long journey from Sweden to Argentina we got a two days rest in Buenos Aires. After that it was time for Calafate and the place were we would be picked up by our guide to continue our journey towards Jurassic Lake. An eight hour ride in a Jeep, what felt like twenty hours, took us to what we had been longing for… Jurassic Lake – What a place!

Exhausted but tremendously expectant we grabbed our fishing rod and ran down to the lake, put the fly in the water and caught a fish on the first throw! The long ride to get here was totally worth it!

The fishing in Jurassic is totally unique and I don’t think there is any were in the world were you can catch the amount of fish we caught during those two days. We lost count!!

Our guides Pollo, Julian and Sebastian were always at hand to take a picture, give tips and of course to cook the amazing food!!

After two intensive days we headed towards Rio Gallegos were we met Diego and his great staff. The evening started out with a very good information meeting and the best pizza ever.

Tired and satisfied we went to bed on Diego’s advice to get a good nights sleep because we will need all the energy we have on this type of fishing..

After the first day I understood Diego’s advice on the sleeping part… The famous Patagonian wind and the technical fishing was really demanding but unbelievable!! Where in the world can you stand there with your fishing rod and se wild foxes, eagles and horses moving among you??

Diego, Pollo and all the staff here have been equally amazing as the fishing and it will be a sad moment when we leave this place.. but as a known song Don’t cry for me Argentina – I WILL be back!!