Las Buitreras Weekreport VI, 02 – 09 Feb. 2013


28 Feb Las Buitreras Weekreport VI, 02 – 09 Feb. 2013

Never change a winning team. And here we go another round – a group that has been eagerly awaited by our staff and guides. For eight seasons in a row, Chief Paul Becher gathers some of the industries finest anglers to share this magnificent place. We are more than stoked to welcome them year after year as good friends.  

The water was clear and low, as usual at this time of the year. The tides were alining just perfectly to shuffle the deck at each and every peak, creating a lot of movement and activity. The famous golden hour before and after sunset lived up it’s reputation, as they generated good and pretty consistent numbers of fish on our “secret” pattern.

Throughout the week, a straight downstream breeze made casting a joy. Jonathan Spittle turned this bliss into his favor by materializing a 23lb Seatrout out of “Kitchen”, one of our prime pools in beat 1. Guide Hernan Garcia has proven once again his sense for big fish. I’d like to take the chance to than the whole Las Buitreras Staff for their exceptional work, passionate and passion lead guiding in all zones and especially the smaller and often underestimated spots… The surplus of fishable water has turned out to be a true silvermine! Both upper zone 1 with “Orilla Ripio” (couple of fish over 19lb) plus lower 5 and “Baranca Negra” have produced quite some fish including Paul Becher’s 22lb fish – the exclamation mark on his top rod run with 9 fish! The message between the lines? We have a lot of “fresh” water to offer besides our golden holding spots.

This big fish week in particular has been a great pleasure for me and the staff as we shared the lodge and these experiences with some dear friends and regulars. See you guys next year! Tight Lines,


  • Number of Fish: 51
  • Top Rod: Paul Becher, 9 fish
  • Best Pool: Limits
  • Best Fly: Yug Bug
  • Biggest Fish: Jonathan Spittle, 23 Lbs
  • Avrg: 8,8 Lbs


Jonathan Spittle (2013)

I have just returned from my fourth trip to Las Buitreras and as per previous visits what a great time my friends and I all had. As usual a variety of wind speeds (zero to strong) tested our casting abilities, and although my own abilities are perhaps questionable, the rewards of catching those magnificent Gallegos sea trout remind you why we all love coming to this superb fishing venue. This year, amongst catching a few other fish ranging between 8 and 16 pounds, I was rewarded with a wonderful 23 pound chromer, my first over the 20 pound mark. What a fish ! Whereas I would like to say that managing to entice this fish to take my ‘Yuk Bug’ fly, was down to pure skill, I think Hernon my guide and my friend and fishing partner Nick Taylor would disagree. However in my defence, with a bit of help and guidance from Hernan, and after a strong and tentative fight,  I did manage to land this monster of a fish. Something to remember.

To those who don’t know Las Buitreras, I must say what a well organised, professional and friendly venue this is. In his new role as Camp Manager, Diego Peralta provides all the organisation and support that you need during your stay and all with a smile on his face. This is in turn complimented by the friendly and very skilled guiding team, all of whom are excellent anglers, fly casters and teachers for those, who like me, require the occassional assistance. Last but not least, your stay in this wonderful lodge is made all the better with the attentive and friendly service of the lodge staff and the tasty meals coming from the kitchen.

Added to this is fantastic scenery and wildlife. What a place !

Thanks to all at Las Buitreras.

Jonathan Spittle/Scotland


Paul Becher (2013)


Another fantastic week at Las Buitreras lodge on the Rio Gallegos for our party ( Nick Taylor, James Gunning, Howard Evans, Jamie Stewart, Innes Wright, Sandy Hutchinson, Jonathan Spittle and myself).   During the week we had, at times, pretty much every type of weather pattern thrown at us you can imagine………..howling wind (just for a day), baking sunshine and just about everything in between, including some of the most perfect conditions you could ask for.  Coupled to this , the river itself was at a beautiful height and steady, due to good snowfalls in the Andes over the winter period.

  The excellent camp-manager Diego Peralta really knows this river like the back of his own hand (he should do, he has fished it all his life !), and this is reflected in all of the top-class guides at Las Buitreras…. Pollo, Hernan, Stephan, Chizo and Fedrico all really know their stuff, and all do there best to put you in the right place at the right time.    Testament to this is the fine number of Sea-trout caught by us during the week, including three of over 20 pounds !!!!   (happily, 2 of them to me !!, sorry guys ……nope, not at all…!!).

  And after a long day on the river, the house staff always on hand to offer a welcome glass of vino (or in Jamie’s case 10 !) on your arrival back at base.

   All in all , yes, another great week at Buitreras (and there’s been a few……), good company, comfortable relaxed Lodge, stunning scenery, and excellent staff.

  Will we be back ?……I reckon………………