Las Buitreras Week VIII, 16 – 23 Feb. 2013

Lawson Jones 20 lbs - cojedero - week 8 - 1623feb

03 Mar Las Buitreras Week VIII, 16 – 23 Feb. 2013

Yet again another week of regulars here at Las Buitreras. Spearhead of this week’s group was our welsh friend Lawson Jones. The second of three weeks in a row was clearly not a warm-up round – Top Rod, once again! Game on. Backed up by a team composed of international fly fishing maniacs including Solid Adventure and Loop Tackle Design Founder, Christer Sjöberg and his dear Wife Anna Karin Sjöberg. International destination angler Kerry Hardy honored us with his 7th visit at our piece of water – certainly aware of every single pool’s structure but yet surprised to find her slightly changed. Snow and high water have done a good job pre-season. His catchbook peaked at 11 fish this week, just one fish short of the top rod, with 4 fish well above 17lb.

The water situation was quite normal for this time of the year – a water level between 0 and – + 10cm dictates the fishing techniques. The conditions can be quite demanding, but it all comes down to the weather and tides – the fish are running anyway. After a rugged start with gusts up to 110km/h for the first couple of days, the wind died off and left the water like a mirror. Our golden rule (No one leaves LB without a fish) remains strong; that means 62 fish on 5 rods. Very good! No wonder if one considers our latest addition to the guiding staff. Don Chrillo himself jumped in to guide his wife, leaving all the bad guides association habits behind, and put her on some serious fish. What a couple! Chris Travis hit a silver mine as he intercepted a fresh push of fish in zone 3/4 – 6 silver chrome fish on morning session. Well done!


Diego Peralta

Camp Manager LB

Fishing Lodge


  • Number of fish: 62
  • Top Rod: Lawson Jones: 12 fish
  • Biggest Fish: Christer Sjoberg 20 Lbs
  • Best Pool: Old Bridge, zone 2
  • Top Fly: Silver Stone
  • avrg: 8,2 lbs