Las Buitreras Week XI Report, 09. – 16.March 2013


02 Apr Las Buitreras Week XI Report, 09. – 16.March 2013

Niklas Brannstrom – Per Brannstrom – William John Harrison – Daniel Alexander Willard

William John Harrison (Bill) and his our friend Daniel Alexander Willard (Dan) honored us with another week of their company. Facing the lowest water conditions of the season, they still performed under these tough conditions. Prior to their arrival at our seatrout camp a good warm up at Jurassic Lake and Glacier King, Solid Aventure’s giant Rainbowtrout and Kingsalmon program, prepared Niklas and Per Brannstrom from Sweden for the technical fishing conditions. Both the skill and the amount of rods in our beats matched the demanding weather conditions perfectly. The key of the week was either streaming water under daytime conditions and the typical holding spots in the fading light.  I must tell our 4 guests were brilliant anglers, catching 27 fish for only 4 rods, which a good number for this type of fishing and condition.

Diego Peralta

Camp Manager

Las Buitreras Fishing Lodge

  • Number of Fish: 27
  • Biggest Fish, Daniel Willard and Per Branstrom: 18 Lbs
  • Best Pool: Old Bridge
  • Top Rod: Nikolas Branstrom: 7 fish