Location GTX Unique Co-Scouting Offering


28 Jun Location GTX Unique Co-Scouting Offering

After extensive scouting by our Solid Adventures team we are now ready for stage 2 of the exploration of Location GTX. Stage 1 was nothing but total madness and the boys literally went to hell and back for this opportunity. Now the real hard work lays behind and we are ready to reap the fruit of the initial efforts. The areas are located, spots pinned down, boats secured, captain hand picked, test program organised and menu selected. The only thing missing right now is a few more adventure thirsty anglers ready to claim their true explorer tags as well as their places in the Solid Adventures and sport fishing history books. Giant Trevally is our main target and if you haven’t fished GT before you are in for a surprise! Other species such as Permit, Bonefish, Bluefin Trevally, Barracuda, Yellowfin tuna, Dog tooth tuna, Mahi Mahi, and more are also on the list….you get the picture. We are going to a part of the world that is basically untouched and fish never seen a lure before. To find a place like this today in an era where most places have already been explored, when people travel back and forth all over the world just to fish is something totally unique! In our world just to get a shot at being part of something like this is an absolute blessing!

When we first heard whispers about this area it was all very vague and no-one had any real or confirmed information or experinece to bring to the table. However, being who we are and doing what we are doing we decided rather quickly it was a chance to unique and crazy not to act upon. Today, only months after first hearing about it we are proud to offer a few people the chance to explore something no-one ever has done before and never will again. Being among the first scouting parties is always a one time opportunity and something every other angler will envy forever!

For more information, please contact our booking office or christer@solidadventures.com
Download High Res PDF: Co-Scouting Offer