Las Buitreras Week I, 27. Dec 2013 – 4. Jan 2014


17 Jan Las Buitreras Week I, 27. Dec 2013 – 4. Jan 2014

The highly anticipated opening week of our Estancia in southern Patagonia and it’s world famous sea run brown trout; we are ringing the bell for another season at Las Buitreras.


Like every year, the first week of the season is territory of our dearest regulars and usually pre-booked years in advance. Not only because the freshest and brightest fish are being expected to run up the system…in fact, our famous New Years Eve Dinners have gained quite a reputation themselves.Pre-season has been pretty promising, the river kept a lot of water throughout November and December, which usually indicates a very humid season. As expected, sink 2/3 lines dictated the game on the opening day and as the water gradually cleared up over the period of the first week, our anglers switched to intermediate shooting heads. The river might look way bigger than most people are used to, but the elevated pressure forces the fish to pile up in a few very specific spots. Spots that we know, of course. Orange, yellow or black tubes delivered the first chrome fish of the season. And there is no better way to end a year with some chrome in your catch book, a new years in good company. Well, how about kick-starting the new year with some more seatrout? Well, to put it in Sarah Roby’s words: “There is no better place in the world to spent New Years than Las Buitreras!”

Diego Peralta

  • Biggest: Marie Bergaman 17 lbs
  • average: 8,2 lbs
  • Best pool: Puesto
  • Best fly: green bat tube

Anglers: John Eames, Frank Serbus, Rob Conway, Tony Nilsson, Marie Bergman, Gunnar Aerea, David Roby, Sarah Roby, Tomas Line