Testimonial / Illtyd Griffiths:

30 Apr Testimonial / Illtyd Griffiths:

Why do I travel unerringly South for thousands of miles every February to fish on this river and stay at Las Buitreras? I think I am a discerning fisherman and this river gives me everything I dream about (and more) when it comes to sea trout (sewin in Wales) fishing. I have fished for sea trout for 50 years but the pleasure this place has given me in the last 10 is really difficult to quantify.

The estancia, the top class guides, the river, great fish which are not too easy and of course the freedom which 40 km of river gives one.  Any serious angler who is not hamstrung purely by numbers should really try this as I do consider it to be a destination  at the very top of the league for the serious sea trout angler. The memories will always be with you and the river will call you back time and again as it has done to me!

Illtyd Griffiths