Las Buitreras Week VI, 31 Jan- 7 Feb 2015


14 Feb Las Buitreras Week VI, 31 Jan- 7 Feb 2015

DSC_0308Jaime, Paul, Innes, Jonathan, Big Frank and Howard (aka Howardo) together with John and Rob (for their 2nd week at Las Buitreras) was the team for Week #6 at our lodge representing the finest of the UK.
Even thou the group had to deal with the existing conditions of low water, the right attitude and perseverance was there. The warm summer days didn’t make fishing easy for any of them, still the experienced Gallegos anglers were able to deal with it.
Water level reaching -20 cm kept fishermen and guides looking still for faster water. Places like C-Pool worked like a charm for good old Howardo, managing to take a 20 pounder straight out of it! A fish that behaved in the most acrobatic way, going more than 8 times completely out of the water. Head guide Diego Peralta in charge of beat Nr 1 was able to lead them into some action in the little pool, which constantly delivered 4 fish every day.

With 30°C (and up to 20°C in the water) it was clearly time to relax, take a break from the cold winter back home and enjoy some of the lodge life, the grill and the service that our lodge provides.
With several fish caught and also many lost in a difficult game of thin tippets and tiny flies, the group certainly achieved the challenge of fishing the toughest conditions, and getting the best out of it, as the good anglers they are. Only one thing to say to them: Savaloy to all of you from the Solid team of Las Buitreras!!!
*The figures:  Biggest seatrout –  20lb caught and released by Howard Evans, also top rod with 1o sea trout. Average weight for the week 8 lb.-