Las Buitreras Week XII, 14 March- 21 March 2015


22 Mar Las Buitreras Week XII, 14 March- 21 March 2015

A mixed group from France, EEUU, England and Switzerland visited Las Buitreras this week. Besides our regular, and one of the oldest visitors from Justin, the rest of the gang was coming for the first time. Some of them learning the first steps with double handed tackle.

The river was unstable, having two flows at the beginning and end of the week, but giving away some big chrome.
Sunday with a nice water level and normal wind from the west was a 13 fish day, but the trophy was for our French friend Georges with a 19 pounder from pool 75. A regular behavior of the days before water is going to rise. And so it did. Next morning up to 20cm, more color in the water and our beloved wind of 60km, were the conditions to start the journey. But it wasn´t that bad. Alain got a nice 14punder from everyone’s favorite, Little Corner pool. Lines were mainly sinkers in a sh format to cut hard winds.

Beat one, as always, is a very productive fishery with high water level. A 20 punder for Fred with our new guide Charly Trejo was taken in wagon wheel. The main flies for this water were tubes and big rubber legs. As the team was getting excited with more 20 pounders a fresh new run of bright smaller fish came into the system, all of them between 4 to 7 pounds. Like bullets crossing Buitreras water heading upstream for its place to spawn.

No matter what happen in the river Sidne and Ceci were waiting right in front of the lodge’s door, to give a warm welcome and some Argentinian Malbec to every fisherman. Keeping the tradition of Las Buitreras Lodge barbecue day was made at Las Crillas with the best Argentinian meat.

Thursday we were expecting to have another bonanza day on Gallegos, but the dream was over. A huge rise of the river end almost every chance of hooking sea trout. It was the highest of the season after a dry period of more than a month, a meter of melting water from The Andes. Even though, all the fishermen did their best on slow water pools and end up eating pizza and drinking some nice Malbec from Mendoza.