Las Buitreras Week VIII, 14 Feb- 21 Feb 2015


01 Mar Las Buitreras Week VIII, 14 Feb- 21 Feb 2015

Once again a multi national team has arrived to Las Buitreras Lodge, with anglers from Andorra, US, Wales and Sweden for the 8th week of the season in the Río Gallegos.


With a promising start of the week due to a raise in the water of over 1 foot, the group headed out ready to make their dream come true. Colder weather (9-12°C) and some upstream wind marked the first day of the week.


For angler Anna Karin Sjoberg, holder of the record fish of the river from last year (34 lb sea trout caught in Little Corner) it was easy again, and right away she managed to land a 13 and a 20 lb sea trout in the Outer Limits –beat #3- to get the pressure off.

The river slowly started to drop again but it gave time to Josep P. to do his part in the Limit pools too, on the second day, by catching and releasing a 22lb beauty.

The strong winds from the Andes followed the rest of the week. Still the difficult conditions didn’t stop Diane S. from landing another gorgeous sea trout, this time in “C” Pool, a hen fish of 22 lb, or Bjorn J. from landing two good fish in a row.

Thursday evening was time to give the proper closure for the week, spending the evening together with the whole staff, enjoying Chef Pipas Mexican dishes. Also a time to have fun and laugh about the stories of the week.


*The figures:  60 fish caught (sea trout over 4 lb) with the biggest fish, two 22lb, one for Diane S. and one for Josep P. Top rod of the week was Lawson J. with 17 sea trout caught and released. For last, the average weight for the week was 8,8 lb.-