Las Buitreras Week XI, 7 March- 14 March 2015


21 Mar Las Buitreras Week XI, 7 March- 14 March 2015


We’ve started Week #11 at Las Buitreras with the joy of seeing the river raising after a dry period the lasted for over 5 weeks. The new water level (+15 cm above 0 line) gave a chance for more fish to run into the system, as a number of them were just waiting out in the estuary, waiting for the new water to come.


The arriving group of Americans was lead by our good friend Lee Hartmann. We also had the pleasure of having for the second time at our Lodge, April Vokey, the renowned casting instructor and guide from Canada.


With this water conditions anglers started following guides advice, keeping the intermediate lines, but this time with heavier tippets and bigger flies. Even thou Sunday (day 1) is normally warming up day for everyone, they started well with over 12 sea trout caught.


By Monday it was over 20 fish caught with a 6 fish  over 12lb (from C Pool; Kitchen; Old Bridge), 2 14 pounders from Wagon Wheel and Canterna, and a 21lb from Molino landed and released by Charles B. It was also a good day for April, managing to catch a 10 and a 12 pounder to start!


Weather conditions changed all the time. As they say “In Patagonia you can have the four seasons in one day”. The strong winds were there, also the flat calm seassion with the river looking just like a mirror. Adapting is a must in this river, and so is the advice from a team of experienced local guides.

By Wednesday the river surprised us all, rising again. The higher water and the strong wind stirred up all the sediment from the bottom of the river and the water got much more colored this time. The use of sinking lines/tips was a must by now, but keeping the size and type of flies. Leeches, Tube flies, etc. were working in size 4 and 6 hooks. Still the day was tough and there were only a few fish caught.

Finally by Thursday the river reached its final level of 40cm above 0 mark. Without making things any easier anglers still managed to catch a few more sea trout. But the highlight of the day was the party at the lodge at night, after having dinner altogether with the staff, singing, playing guitar, and dancing…

By Friday with the river settling and improving it was good again for fishing. With fish on the move and more coming in, the new group arriving Saturday is coming for a treat!

*The figures:

Top Rod: Peter G with 9 sea trout caught.
Biggest fish of the week: 2o+ lb fish for Walter M; 20 lb for Luciano D; and 21 lb for Charles B; 20lb for Rob M. –
Average weight for the week was 8,5 lb.-