Las Buitreras Week XIV, 28 March- 4 April 2015


08 Apr Las Buitreras Week XIV, 28 March- 4 April 2015

Right after a week of trout fishing in Jurassic Lake with literally no wind at all, the 2nd party of Australians found their way to Las Buitreras. Lead by Rick Dobson 7 more anglers followed his call to pursuit Patagonia´s biggest searun-browntrout down here at the Rio Gallegos. The flood from the beginning of the previous week, followed by gradually sinking waterlevel throughout the week have left the river in very promising shape. Having that said, there is no better way of jinxing it…

Though the waterlevel was seemingly perfect for single handed fishing, the uprising east wind (Upstream Wind) crossed our plans. It was time to introduce our single handed fishermen to Spey-gear. With strong wind consistent the whole week Spey rods was the way to go and although none in the group had tried double handed rods before they all figured it out and started covering the pools well. With winds ranging from 50 – 100 km/h which is far from normal this time of the year the group got their fair share of fresh patagonian wind but still managed to land just under 50 fish with the biggest weighing in at 16 lbs!

Having said that the fishing was tough due to the extreme winds their was no loss of laughs and entertainment in the lodge. The group truly lived up to the Aussie reputation and made sure the staff have a few new legends to share with future guests.

Number of fish: 44
Biggest fish landed: 16 lbs (John)