Las Buitreras Week XV, 4 April – 11 April 2015


18 Apr Las Buitreras Week XV, 4 April – 11 April 2015

The Australian Group had just left the camp when heavy rain and snow in the headwaters of Rio Gallegos flooded our watershed, pushing the waterlevel up to +75cm.  The merky runoff opened the highway for the autumn seatrout run. Fresh silver fish between 4-14 pounds with occasional fish up to 25lb, right fresh from the sea. These guys mean trouble and they will certainly stir up some mud in the major holding pools. The perfect setup for the group that consisted out of a few business partners and destination managers of ours.

Throughout the week, the waterlevel settled down to +35cm and a temperature of 7-9 degrees celsius, still slightly off-colored but perfectly fishable, especially towards the end of the week. In stark contrast to the week before which saw rather windy conditions this week was calm and sunny with water temperatures rising to around 8 degrees Celcius.

Our venezuelan Destination Manager and Solid Adventure Representant, Felipe Reyes, accompanied by Los Roques Headguide Rafael Arrielle, traded shorts for wader, bonefish for seatrout and single handed rods for short spey- and switchrods. Quite a change of pace and climate that both guys managed with grace after a short warmup and a few casting instructions.

Tom Enderlin, well-reknown photojournalist did equally well with both rod and camera. 4th rod was shared by Solid Adventures Scout Rickard Sjoberg and  former Las Buitreras Manager and Guide Stephan Dombaj. Newly converted swung-fly and longterm addicts, the whole bunch of them were onto these fish.

Despite the 61 Seatrout up to 20lb on 4 rods, the boys managed to bring a stunning 42 resident Browntrout up to 60cm to the hand. Absolute stunners.

Fish was caught in every pool in every session and the river is currently full of fish.

Whilst switch and speyrods rigged up with type 2 sinkers or Skagit + T14 Tip lines dominated the first couple of days, Intermediate Lines and even single handed rods with Intermediate Tips were the tools of trade towards the end of the week . Top flies were the usual suspects: Yellow Yummies, Yug Bugs, Girdle Bugs, Trinas Bugger, UV Leech.

61 Seatrout
42 Browntrout
Top Fly: Yellow Yummie 2/4/6
Biggest Fish: 20 1/2lb (S.D.)