Santa Cruz – Week Report #2


29 Apr Santa Cruz – Week Report #2


Karl Otto and his wife Eva arrived at Los Plateados for the beginning of their trip to south Patagonia, in search of a fishing vacation and a chance of catching the missing fish in their list, Steelhead. On the evening of the 9th they arrived to Río Gallegos airport and were picked up by guides Pollo and Claudio to start the journey. On their arrival at the cabin chef Diego was waiting for them with a glass of red wine and dinner ready. It was time to relax now and rest for the first of three days fishing. On the following morning, right after breakfast it was time to set up the tackle. Karl Otto, an experienced Atlantic Salmon angler was facing a new challenge and a different type of fishing. For his wife Eva it was time to pick up the double handed rod again and catch up with the casting while chasing these amazing fish. Amongst all their tackle they had a number of beautiful custom rods (made by Otto), and the right lines to suit them and the river.

We set up the gear and quickly picked up one of the trucks to go to the first pool of the day. Guanacos was the choice, usually our starting spot. Despite of the easy wading and slower current, a major fish holding pool and in case of weather, conveniently located for the windy days… after less than half hour Otto had his first fish on, a smaller yet silver fresh Steelhead to get the pressure off. After that one two more followed, and it was time to move to the next spot. Some of these runs deserve to be tried more than once, going through with a lighter tip and casting shorter looking for those fish resting close to the banks, and a second time working in a bit deeper. Lunch time found them at Comedor, a long shallow run that holds fish in almost all conditions, in the different parts were its always a stretch with the right speed in the water. Sunny day, Diegos recipe and cold Beagle Beer made it the perfect day. For last, one of the favorite spots was left to be tried, Blacksmiths Pool, a smaller holding place that always has a good fish in. It was Evas turn and she went for it. She made a snap t and shot her line and in the middle of swing she had a really aggressive take but unfortunately this one came off.
Result for Day 1: Three fish landed and two lost.

For the second day guide Pollo decided to take the couple further upstream, trying some different spots and focusing particularly in one of them, Fence pool. It didn’t take long until Otto was connected to a good one, and managed to land it. A 16lb male already with some color caught on the Orange prawn. The morning session was done and it was time for another riverside lunch before continuing. Part of the goal of the trip was achieved but still it was the goal to have Eva fighting a big one herself, so back to Fence pool for a few more casts before the day was over, where in this second try she got her big one. Another buck, this one of 17lb!
Result for Day 2: Two fish landed. One 16lb and one 17lb.

For the final day and in order to take it easy as they preferred some of the closer pools were the chosen ones were –still on the orange prowan- Otto landed one more Steelhead for our catch book this one a 7 lb chromer.
Result for Day 3 (morning session only): One Steelhead landed.

River dropping slowly and clearing up. Good visibility. Water Temperature 8°C. Mild days with no wind and temperatures that exceeded the 18°C, usual of the microclimate of this valley, even during Fall. Chef Diego’s dishes surprised our guests once again. Real nice atmosphere, good company and dreamy sunsets are a part of this… The figures after 2 and a half days were of one fish per day per angler (average).