Las Buitreras Week I, 30 Dec. – 8 Jan. 2016


12 Jan Las Buitreras Week I, 30 Dec. – 8 Jan. 2016


The long anticipated premier week at our Estancia has set the pace for yet another successful season on the Rio Gallegos. The humid pre-season and the corresponding water levels blazed a trail for the early run. Our guides confirmed the first catches already in late November with fluctuating water levels between high and even higher. With water levels that settled around christmas and a slowly receeding waterline throughout our first week, most of the fish were still on the run towards the top end spawning ground of the river system.


Due to our structural splendor, our beats are the first real resting spots. Already now, we are counting a lot of fish that are already in classic spawning spots which speaks for the amount of fish pushing through the system these days. Despite the spanking fresh early season runners, our group had a fair share of colored and slightly colored fish in the books.


The ever growing interest in our brown trout fishery was recorded for the very first time with an amazing result of 186 brown trout up to 60cm in the books! Yet again, the seatrout fishery never ceases to amaze. Many personal bests were saluted with joy, monster were lost and both our guest and staff has realized how much they missed being out there. Big fish were hooked and lost. Quite unusually for a week of fishing, the biggest fish tipped the scale at just 17lb. 80 seatrout made it into the book, the majority being aggressive and packed mid size fish on the run.



Total Number of Trout: 266

Seatrout: 80
Biggest Fish: 17lb
Best Rod: 17
Average Weight: 8,5lb

Browntrout: 186
Biggest Fish: 60cm