Route of Springcreeks – Guest Report


14 Jan Route of Springcreeks – Guest Report

Sebastián and his son Benja about the Route of Springcreeks:

What can I say about Estancia Rio Pelke and its surroundings? Superb? Magnificent? Astounding? I guess there is no precise word to define such a place so I’ll try to describe it in a couple of paragraphs!
Together with my son Benja, we’ve decided to arrange our first fishing trip together. The final decision, after checking some other destinations, was to visit Juanma’s operation in the Southern Argentinian Patagonia. The Route of the Spring Creeks, as they name it, is meant to be a world class fishing destination for Brooks and Brown Trouts. Cristal clear streams, sometimes no more than 2 meters wide, hold some of the most amazing treasures of our Patagonia. Both Pelke and Coyle Rivers offer a delicate (number 5 rods seem perfect for someone who is not such a great fisherman as I am, but smaller rods should also work out just fine) yet poweful fishing experience, where you can easily have the chance to land a 3 or 4 kilo Brown Trout in a stream where you think this would be unimaginable. In our case, and as Juanma told me it is generally this way, no sinking lines whatsoever! Dry flies wherever you imagine! Watching this trouts attack your fly on surface fills you with adrenaline almost on every cast!!!! So the fishing…10+!
Lodging and food are also remarkable. The Estancia, own by the Biott family, has over 10.000 trees, an oasis in the middle of nowhere. I can assure you that you will rest as never before after an exhausting fishing day! But prior to that, Pedro and Fernanda (Juanma’s parents) will delight you with all of their home cooked recipes, from roasted lamb with vegetables to a delicious seafood and risotto Pedro’s style! Juanma is a trule amazing guide who knows every corner of this Rivers, he can transmit all of these knowledges vere easily, including an 8 year old as my son Benja. So do not hesitate in visiting Juanma and his family for a truly unique experience in Patagonia!!!