Las Buitreras Week V, 30 Jan. – 6 Feb. 2016


09 Feb Las Buitreras Week V, 30 Jan. – 6 Feb. 2016

Iceland & America versus Patagonian Monster Trout

The good old saying: “a Permit is a Permit!” doesnt necessarily apply to other gamefish or translate into “a fish is a fish”. Certainly on trout species, the setting makes a difference. And that’s the introduction for week no.5 here at Las Buitreras. A mixed group of Icelanders and American anglers have joined forces to subdue the illusive monster seatrout of the patagonian desert – both countries blessed with splendid troutwaters themselves, this journey clearly marks the uniqueness of every Salmo Trutta strain. Needless to say that borders were left outside of the lodge as the keen anglers were united under the banner of fly fishing and the passion for the sport.


Although the conditions were not as inviting as our menu of local specialities, both teams adapted quickly to the prevailing weather and water situation. Low water and a warm high pressure period shifted the focus on a stealthy approach with relatively light tackle. Whilst getting the tackle ready to talk these magnificent fish into a bite is a quite easy thing that the guides of Las Buitreras are in tune with, handling these oversize fish is another. Naturally it takes a while to adjust to the daunting task of playing quite possibly the biggest trout of one’s lifetime on very light tackle – about three times the amount of the week’s total was lost “in space”


The river is hot and there are plenty of fish in the system. Local legends and anglers talk about a record over the period of the last 10 years. Very promising conditions – with a little bit of rain on top, we will need better polarized glases for there will be chrome.

Did we mention that we have exceeded the 10lb average once again? And we are talking about scale-measured fish (NZ- McLean Nets)

Total Number of Trout: 148

Seatrout: 37
Biggest Fish: 22lb
Best Rod: 6 (Philip)
Average Weight: 10,94lb

Browntrout: 111
Biggest Fish: 62cm/25Inches