Las Buitreras Week IV, 23 Jan. – 30 Jan. 2016


04 Feb Las Buitreras Week IV, 23 Jan. – 30 Jan. 2016


Yet again, a multi-national conglomerate of likeminded anglers who joined together to chase the world’s biggest searun browntrout. A group dynamic that was evident from the moment the first bottle of vino tinto rang the bell for week no.4 at Las Buitreras.


The mixed team consisting out of anglers from all corners of our planet (Austria, France, Poland, New Zeland, Sweden, Canada and the US) was confronted with constantly changing weather conditions – truly as diverse as themselves. Luckily, they were accustomed to the principle of the ever changing weather of the southernmost seatrout river of Patagonia, as most of them have been here before – some even the 4th time.


Fluctuating water levels as well as changing wind directions were far away from an optimum preset, but our anglers pervailed and came out on top.

The results of the week had a total of 58 sea trout among the 155 fish caught. The average weight like the week before exceeded the 10lb where few fish were under 8lb.

Around 90% of the sea trout caught were silver fresh.

Total Number of Trout: 155

Seatrout: 58
Biggest Fish: 21lb
Best Rod: 12
Average Weight: 10,6lb

Browntrout: 97
Biggest Fish: 62cm