Las Buitreras Week VII, 13 Feb. – 20 Feb. 2016


26 Feb Las Buitreras Week VII, 13 Feb. – 20 Feb. 2016

Our dear friends from Sportquest Holidays have visited us again, with a superb group of people; most of the already part of last year’s party.


Week started with probably the lowest water level in years, after a dry season that’s affecting the south of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego.

The high number of sea trout in the system is balancing the conditions and due to the relatively low water temperature, most of the fish relocated to the bigger and slower pools. Not the easiest task when wading is not a possibility and long controlled casts are the key to chrome.

Fortunately, the river started to raise by Thursday and a bit more by Friday, around 8 inchs / 20 cm total.

The opportunities were there, with strikes, lot of takes and broken tippets keeping the numbers down but the action up! The ration of landed fish was a 50/50 – incredible.

The group handled the conditions and managed to land some monsters too, like Ali’s huge 24 pounder from Barranca Negra in beat 5.

Brown trout of over 24 inches made the lapses in between sea trout a fun time!

The group continued their journey to Glacier King, in search of the monster King Salmon of pristine Caterina river.

Total Nr of Fish caught: 172

*Total Nr of Sea Trout caught: 34
*Biggest Sea Trout: 24 lb  
*Average Weight for Sea Trout: 8,3 LB 
*Total Nr of Brown Trout: 138
*Biggest Brown Trout: 5 LB