Las Buitreras Week IX, 27 Feb. – 5 March 2016


22 Mar Las Buitreras Week IX, 27 Feb. – 5 March 2016


More and more guests are starting to explore the add-on programs as well as the beautiful countryside of the St. Cruz province in addition to their Seatrout experience down at Las Buitreras. This week stands exemplary for an out of the ordinary schedule that we can of course tailor around your stay with us. Having that said, a share of our anglers was out on excursions throughout the week.


This weeks group consisted out of 2 anglers from the UK and a party of 6 French-Canadians led by our friend Sylvan Gagnon. It didn’t take too long before one of the week’s top fish was claimed by a lady once again. Helene Moreau subdued a 21,5lb fresh chrome seatrout in Old Bridge and set the pace for the week.

Not unusual for this time of the year, the group had to deal with low and clear water – a difficult task that requires some finesse. Charlie Barke from GB is used to skittish seatrout and played his cards just too well. Ultimately he could claim the fish of the week – a stunning 25lb fish from famous Island stream.

Considering the conditions and our venturing anglers, a 54 fish week is more that we could ask for under tough circumstances. Again, a fine and long leader game and about the perfect setup for single handed rods. Not to mention the outside Asados, Wine Tastings and Horseback Rides.


Total Nr of Fish caught: 129

*Total Nr of Sea Trout caught: 54
*Biggest Sea Trout: 25lb Charlie B
*Average Weight for Sea Trout: 8,8 LB 
*Total Nr of Brown Trout: 75
*Biggest Brown Trout: 5LB