Las Buitreras Week VIII, 20 Feb. – 26 Feb. 2016


04 Mar Las Buitreras Week VIII, 20 Feb. – 26 Feb. 2016

On Week Nr 8 at Las Buitreras we welcomed a group coming from Sweden and Great Britain. Our dear friends -and 8th time guests- the Spors, started their trip in Glacier King, where the cold weather was neither a difficulty for their fishing, nor for their result with these huge Salmon. Right after their week at the famous Glacier King Valley, they returned to their home far away from home – Las Buitreras!

We were also stoked to see some new faces from England, Scotland and Africa accompanying the Spors. Despite their nationalities, all had nothing but fat chrome seatrout in their minds…and of course a good time.


The conditions upon their arrival were still not ideal, with low water level, and unusual cool temperatures in the water. Nevertheless, the results after the first day were quite good, with 7 fish landed and the biggest reaching the 14 pounds.

On Monday the group had a chance of experiencing the famous winds everyone talks about, with a chill feeling that meant only one thing: storms up in the top of the system, on the Andes.

Not long after that, our guides started to notice that the river was coming up, pushing all the algae that was on the bottom, and stirring up all the mud. By Tuesday noon the water level was 85 cm higher, and of course very colored. That of course meant that the group was not going to be able to do any fishing in the following day (or two).

They all used the time to relax, read, go out with the guides for some bird watching along the river valley, and of course tune all the gear now for high water conditions. Perhaps no better place like Las Buitreras for some good lodge life…


The group still had time to fish the river when getting stable, dropping and clearing up. A true chance the see how good a fishery the Gallegos river is.

… and so was was. By Thursday everything started to improve. Stable level, clearer. This led to 18 sea trout landed plus 7 other lost, and one more day to catch up, and get them!

So Friday was the day that made all the waiting worth it. Another 15 Sea Trout landed and again a number lost. Lots of action all over, with some pools like Heavy Weight, 38, Corriente, and most of Beat 1 working well, and holding a number of big, fresh and active fish.

Adaptation is the one thing that this river requires the most, and in a week like this the work of the guides is the key. Knowing the river and how to be ahead of whats going to happen makes the difference.

Also to be able to enjoy the staying at the lodge while the river was flooded the house staff, led by our house manager Sidne, did and amazing job, keeping the service at its best.

Clearly, better than ever, the best team of all times here at Las Buitreras, always waiting to welcome you!

Total Nr of Fish caught: 112

*Total Nr of Sea Trout caught: 47
*Biggest Sea Trout: 20lb Henry H
*Average Weight for Sea Trout: 10,8 LB 
*Total Nr of Brown Trout: 65
*Biggest Brown Trout: 4LB