Las Buitreras Week XI, 12 March – 19 March 2016


12 Apr Las Buitreras Week XI, 12 March – 19 March 2016

Week 11 of the season was indeed a quite unusal one. An unfortunate last-second cancellation left the lodge half-empty with only three guests plus a half-week rod. Well, one mans bad luck is another man’s come-up. A lot of water to fish and even more rested fish for those who made it down to us.
Enzo and Sandro came all the way from Italy in search for the elusive of Rio Gallegos, they followed our call and met us on our roadshow in late 2015/early 2016 that lead us also to Italy. Good to see you guys here again. The two were completed by David from the US. Half-week Rod Timo joined in for the first 3 days of the week.
El-Nino still conspired against us with typical dry weater. Almost no wind and bright days called for alot of BBQ/Asados instead of fishing, but our persistent anglers worked almost all day and night either fishing or talking about fishing.
After the first cast had been made and the idea of swinging a fly for these fish was understood, they started racking up the numbers despite the tough conditions. David, a seasoned Steelhead fisherman encountered on two occasions what the guides mean with “Trout lost in space!” The void that’s left behind after losing a pig… a void that can only be filled with another big fish.
Enzo also encountered one of those unfortunate battles where one comes out only second.

Sea trout: 41
Brown trout: 52
Top fish: Alex Ditrich that fished one day: 18lb
Average weight sea trout: 9,87lb
Top rod: David Heyman: 16 seatrout