Weekreport: St Cruz Week III


18 May Weekreport: St Cruz Week III

Fishing report Santa Cruz at Los Plateados – Atlantic Steelhead

On week 3 the first Argentine team of the season joined Tres Amigos for a week of Atlantic Steelhead fishing. Gustavo and Eduardo were joined by our dear friend Lars (Sweden) and Wolfgang from Germany, after his week in Las Buitreras.


Shortly after arrival, our anglers immediately hooked into two chrome fish that both jumped off. Nevertheless a great start for the team, now more encouraged than ever!

The following day (the first full one) a total of 4 fish were landed out of 6 takes, with the biggest tipping the scale at 12 pounder for Gustavo. On Monday the team stacked up a similar number of takes with 3 Steelhead landed.. Biggest fish landed, just over 18 lb for Wolfgang, and a 13 pounder for Lars.



Mid week, Lars left us and Doug jumped right in. Almost considered local after 4 season of St. Cruz, Doug started well off and leading the field.

For this party, the week ended with 31 takes and 19 fish landed. Biggest fish was Wolfgangs, of 18 lb. Doug claimed the top rod with 15 Steelhead landed! An average for him of 2,5 fish landed per day – that are some figures we like to work with.


During the weekend we had a three day party, with Diego from Rio Grande and Sven from Germany. The fishing continued to be very productive with more than 20 contacts amongst the two of them!

Results for the 10 day:

Steelhead takes: 55

Steelhead hooked: 48

Steelhead landed: 36