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17 Jan Week report 2 Las Buitreras 2017

Week 2 started great with a good number of fish being landed in most zones.

Although fish was being caught all over, the lower zones were the ones delivering most fish. Our top rod of the week Thomas managed to land 5 nice Seatrout already on the first morning of fishing. He ended the week with a total of 15 fish landed, his biggest at 18,5 lbs.

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After the first couple of days the river dropped and fishing became a little more tricky. New tactics were brought in play using smaller flies and longer and thinner leaders. With the change to thinner leaders and smaller flies, girdle bugs in size 8 and 10 was working really well this week, the increase of lost fish was substantial. During this week the lost fish ratio was around 50% and had a huge impact on the number of fish landed.

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The river kept dropping during the week and the weather was mainly overcast with strong winds towards the end of the week. On the last day of fishing the river got flooded. Obviously not so nice for the group enjoying their last day of fishing trying to handle a flooded river. For next weeks group however this was great news and fresh runs of Seatrout is now making it up the river.


Weather: overcast mainly and lower temperatures, strong winds by the end of the week.
Water: dropping along the week till a major raise by Friday.

Total number of Sea trout: 40 (above 4 lb)
Biggest Sea trout: 18,5 lb
Average Weight: 9,8 lb
Top Rod: 15 Sea Trout
Total number of Brown trout: 126
Biggest Brown trout: 4 lb