14 Feb Week report 6 Las Buitreras 2017

Time is flying and we are already into week 6 here at Estancia Las Buitreras! The season so far has been great and we really hope it will remain good all season.

This week was the yearly Sportquest week where we welcome back Peter and his group of British anglers keen to challenge the seatrout of Rio Gallegos.

The condition of the river was close to perfect early in the week. The water level, temperature and color, all as good as it gets! To top it off the group arrived on full moon and high tide making it all even better!


Fishing started off according to plan with good numbers of fish hooked and landed. For our friend Dave, who experienced a rather slow week here last season, this week was all about setting the river straight! And so he did by landing some nice fish already on day one!


By the middle of the week the river dropped and returned to its normal summer level where it decided to stay. This meant stable conditions, for the first time of the season after a higher than normal water lever throughout the first month. Seatrout are not particularly fond of change so having a more stable situation with slightly colored water and good temperatures should ensure the fishing stays strong.


Most zones were fishing good all week but after a couple of slow sessions in Zone 3 we decided to move that group to Zone 0, a zone we normally don’t include in the rotation. This time it worked out with 5 fish hooked and 3 landed!


Among the many strong and beautiful fish landed this week one fish in particular stood out. A whopping 10 lb resident Brown hooked and landed by Paul P. We don’t often land that size of Browns here so this one was truly a pleasure to see! Well done and congrats Paul!



Water Conditions: Start of the week saw perfect conditions. By mid week the river dropped to a more normal and stable summer level.
Water Temperature: 10-15ºC.
Weather: Similar to the past weeks, with constant changes and some warmer weather.
Tackle: 7wt Double handed rods, with Clear Floating heads and 10′ Intermediate polyleaders made the difference after the river dropped. Usual patterns like #10 girdle bugs, #12 nymphs, and 5’’ snakes / sunrays for the evening and last light magic hour!


Total Sea Trout landed: 61
Avg. Weight: 10,1lb
Biggest Sea Trout: 18,5 lb by Philip F
Top Rod: 11 Sea trout. Jonh D
Total Brown Trout: 161
Biggest: 10lb – Paul P.